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episode 248: Matt Bruenig’s case for single-payer health care

Ezra interviews Matt Bruenig


 12 August 2019  2h4m

episode 247: Can Raj Chetty save the American dream?

Ezra chats with Raj Chetty about the fading American dream.


 08 August 2019  1h22m

Astra Taylor will change how you think about democracy

Is democracy even possible? A conversation with Astra Taylor


 05 August 2019  1h21m

Introducing Land of the Giants

Ezra sits down with Jason Del Rey, host of Land of the Giants, a new podcast from Recode and the Vox Media Podcast Network. Land of the Giants is about the major technology companies that have reshaped our world and explores the ways that they've changed our lives – for better and for worse. The first season is titled The Rise of Amazon. Enjoy this special conversation between Ezra and Jason, followed by a preview of the first episode, Why You’ll Never Quit Amazon Prime...


 02 August 2019  27m

Is big tech addictive? Nir Eyal and I debate.

Is big tech addictive? Nir Eyal and Ezra debate.


 01 August 2019  1h19m

Generation Climate Change

Ezra sits down with Varshini Prakash of Sunrise Movement


 29 July 2019  1h37m

Is the media amplifying Trump’s racism? (with Whitney Phillips)

Some podcasts I do are easy. There’s a problem and, hey look, here’s a great answer! Some are hard. There’s a problem and, well, there may not be a good answer. This is one of those.

When Donald Trump tweeted that four new Democratic members of Congress (commonly known as ‘the Squad’) should “go back” to the “corrupt” countries he said they are from, the media went into frenzy. When he said he didn’t worry if the comment was racist, because “many people agree with me,” it got worse...


 25 July 2019  1h27m

Rutger Bregman’s utopias, and mine

Ezra interviews Rutger Bregman


 22 July 2019  1h32m

How white identity politics won the Republican civil war

Tim Alberta’s new book American Carnage documents “the Republican Civil War”: a decade-plus struggle over whether the Republican Party would build itself around white identity politics or try to reach out to a changing America.

Trump’s election settled the argument, and Alberta’s book tracks the way top Republicans processed that resolution — and submitted to their new reality — in real time. The profiles in courage are few and far between; the capitulations, however, are everywhere...


 18 July 2019  1h28m

George Will makes the conservative case against democracy

It’s a good time to be a Republican. But it’s a bad time, George Will argues, to be a conservative. Hence his new, 700-page manifesto, The Conservative Sensibility, which tries to rescue conservatism from the perversions of the Trumpist GOP.

Will’s conservatism is rooted in a deep mistrust of majority rule, and an almost religious veneration of the Founding Fathers, or at least a certain understanding of them...


 15 July 2019  1h16m