The Extra Dimension

The Extra Dimension features deep discussions on how technology intersects with other parts of our lives. Welcome to the heart of the technological convergence.

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The Extra Dimension #48: Catfishing With Naomi Kritzer

Ian sits down with author Naomi Kritzer to chat about her brand-new book, Catfishing on CatNet! They talk about the book, its themes of online friendship, privacy, and tracking, as well as digging into some delightful local references. Plus,



The Extra Dimension #47: Eco-Friendly Technology

We all love our technology: it does many many things to improve our everyday lives. But what is it doing to our planet? How can we use our technology in an environmentally responsible manner? Ian interviews experts from LineageOS, iFixit,



The Extra Dimension #46: Hostage Exchange: Android and iOS

A Google fanboy. An Apple nut. Each has only ever used one smartphone platform. What happens when two people step out of their comfort zones and trade phones for a week? Ian and Lilly swapped their Pixel 3 and iPhone XS to see what life is like on the ...


 08 September 2019  1h34m

The Extra Dimension #45: The Challenges and Solutions of Daily Biking

So, you want to start biking as a primary form of transportation, but are nervous about the challenges you will encounter? Never fear, Melody Hoffman and Ian R Buck are here with the solutions they have found over many years of utilitarian cycling.


 21 August 2019  1h37m

The Extra Dimension #44: Space Exploration: Past, Present, and Future

On the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission and the first lunar landing, Ian and Brian are discussing how the technologies of space exploration have evolved over time: what they were in the past, where we are now,


 15 July 2019  1h21m

The Extra Dimension #43: Political Organizing in the Digital Age

Digital technologies have a lot of potential to aid in political organizing, provided we use them effectively. Ian R Buck sat down with several prominent Twin Cities activists (Ethan Osten, John Edwards, and Mike Lindsay) to talk about how to activate ...


 20 June 2019  1h37m

The Extra Dimension #42: Browser Extensions

Browser extensions are a fantastic tool for customizing your digital life. If you've never heard of them, come learn about them! If you're an extension veteran, check out the community forum segment where we talk about extensions that listeners like yo...


 30 March 2019  34m

The Extra Dimension #41: Tidying Up Your Digital Life

Many people have been using Marie Kondo's method to tidy up their physical spaces, but what about all the digital stuff we have? Join Ian R Buck as he sorts through this topic and interviews some of the other TNTV hosts who have given a lot of thought ...


 28 February 2019  1h11m

The Extra Dimension #40: Presenting Robots Will Steal Your Job

For the first time ever, The Nexus TV is publishing an audiobook! Here are the first few chapters of Robots Will Steal Your Job, But That's OK.


 20 January 2019  48m

The Extra Dimension #39: Electronic Frontier Foundation: Project For Awesome 2018

This year we're participating in the Project for Awesome, supporting the Electronic Frontier Foundation! Come find out how you can participate.


 05 December 2018  4m