The English We Speak

Every week, we look at a different everyday English phrase or piece of slang in this fun three-minute programme. From BBC World Service

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The joke is on you

Find out more about a seriously funny English phrase.


 02 April 2019  3m

Keep a lid on it

Learn the right English phrase about having to put a stop to something.


 26 March 2019  2m

To pull the wool over someone's eyes

Here's a phrase about preventing someone from discovering something.


 19 March 2019  2m

Take the rough with the smooth

Learn an expression about experiencing bad things to enable you to enjoy good things.


 12 March 2019  2m


What is a hard-nosed person like? Find out in this episode of The English We Speak.


 05 March 2019  2m

To have a soft spot

How do you feel if you really like something or someone? This phrase might help you.


 26 February 2019  2m

To make a song and dance (about something)

If things don't go your way, how can singing and dancing help?


 19 February 2019  2m

Giant killer

Here's a phrase to describe the success of a small team.


 12 February 2019  3m

A shock to the system

A sudden and unpleasant change can come as a shock. Learn a phrase to describe this.


 05 February 2019  2m

From pillar to post

Moving from place to place can be chaotic. Learn a phrase to describe the situation


 29 January 2019  2m