The Ecommerce Influence Podcast: Advanced Acquisition and Retention Strategies for Fast-Growing Online Brands

Ecommerce Influence is a podcast for the ecommerce business owner and online marketing executive. We have candid conversations with masters of ecommerce marketing and branding, and provide training and strategies to that help you convert more of your visitors to paying customers. Topics include lead capture, email marketing, shopping cart abandonment, conversion rate optimization, business automation, analytics and more.

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210: Why Some Brands Scale Up While Others Flop

Some Ecommerce Brands Make It Big While Others Stall Out, It’s A Fact. But there’s really no big mystery behind why this happens. A few months ago I was interviewed on a podcast by my good friend Brett Curry on the Ecommerce Evolution Podcast. We...


 30 July 2019  47m

209: How To Do A 2-Day Email Overhaul

Email is one of the most trusted ways to drive revenue in ecommerce. But I still see too many people leaving money on the table and missing out on low-hanging fruit. Today I’ll walk you through how to do a two-day email overhaul that will help you...


 23 July 2019  32m

208: The Power of Paid Social: How Blew Up

If you’ve been on Facebook in the past week, you’ve probably seen an ad from Buffy. What started as an idea to disrupt the bedding industry has grown into a multi-million dollar business. Today Buffy co-founder Shoaib Kabani joins us to cover a...


 16 July 2019  43m

207: Five Ways I’ve Failed on Facebook in 2019 (And What You Can Learn From Them)

It’s our goal to help our clients succeed, but even the experts get it wrong sometimes. As we've seen in the first six months of the year, things have changed wildly within Facebook. Today, Andrew shares some of the advice he’s given that hasn’t...


 09 July 2019  26m

206: How to Host Your Own Quarterly Business Offsite (Our Process)

Q3 is officially here. What are you doing to prepare for the second half of the year? For my team, the end of the quarter means it’s time to get out of the day-to-day grind and do some bigger picture planning. Every three months we do a quarterly...


 02 July 2019  35m

205: Becoming A Brand - Instagram Moms, Misadventures, And Pesky Peruvian Wool

It’s not always easy to maintain high-quality standards, especially when you want to sell organic, sustainable, and made-in-the-USA products. Costs get high and sometimes that means concessions have to be made. But sticking to your guns can lead...


 25 June 2019  46m

204: How To Build A Baller Quiz Funnel On a Tiny Budget

Quizzes are powerful tools used by some of the most successful companies I work with. They can help you capture more emails, display personalized product recommendations to your customers, and increase your conversion rate. In today's episode, I'll...


 18 June 2019  25m

203: Why You Should Stop Selling Yourself Short and Think Like A Billionaire

Have you stopped to consider the next step in your entrepreneurial journey? Perhaps you own a six or seven figure business now, but where will you be in 10 years? Will you still be living in the grind? Or are your sights set on acquiring companies and...


 11 June 2019  1h6m

202: How I Scaled From $500/day To $15,000/day In Ad Spend In 30 Days

When you talk about scaling up in ecommerce, Facebook ads are often the first thing on most business owners’ lists. Today Andrew shares the exact steps he followed to help a client scale from $500/day to $15,000/day in ad spend in 30 days. He talks...


 04 June 2019  42m

201: What To Do When You're Banned From FB, Google, and Amazon

Advertising plays a big role in any ecommerce strategy. So what do you do if your brand is banned from advertising on Facebook, Google, and Amazon? That’s the challenge faced by Chad Lio, Director of Marketing for Veritas Farms, a company that sells...


 28 May 2019  46m