The Dungeoneers Podcast

A group of friends get together to have fun and play a tabletop rpg game. Action adventure and hilarity ensue.

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187 - Bees in the Poker

After alerting the gang of their presence, the Spitfires go behind the employees only door to follow Prim and find information on the Royal Downers' involvement in Deter's death. But are they ready for what they'll find inside? Starring Mike...


 25 July 2019  59m

186 - Arrowsmith

The party continues their investigation at The Queen, the hideout night club of the Royal Downers gang. While half the party slip inside, Anne and Rhys are stuck outside and poorly try to rectify the situation. Meanwhile Primrose uses her people...


 19 July 2019  1h7m

185 - Simple People

The party leaves the Busty Dragon to follow up on some leads in the death of Deter Krill with varying levels of success. Starring Mike Robertson(Big Boss Dungeoneer), Mary Mills(Primrose), Ross Harris(Dorfin), Heather Marie Boling(Anne) and Nathan...


 12 July 2019  1h2m

184 - He Dead

Seeking more information about the gang battle that they just stepped off the boat into the middle of, the Spitfire Society recruits travel to the headquarters to meet their new boss. They are promptly recruited to solve the murder of Deter Krill and...


 05 July 2019  59m

183 - SEASON 6 - Jersey Shore

In the premier of season six, we are introduced to Spitfire Society hopefuls: Rhys Maddy(a one hit wonder musician), Anne Bunny(a rabbit person pirate), Dorfin Dorfindor(a gruff dwarven mercenary) and Primrose Parsley(a chef with infernal contract),...


 27 June 2019  1h4m

182 - Season 5 RECAP

The group sits down with new cast member Nathan and goes over their thoughts on the season and think back on the high jinks in the very spooky land of Barovia. Starring Mike Robertson, Mary Mills, Ross Harris, Heather Marie Boling and Nathan...


 21 June 2019  1h3m

181 - Straaaaaoooouuhd

In the thrilling conclusion of the Curse of Strahd campaign, the party continues to bring the fight to Strahd with the fate of Rusty in question. Will they have what it takes to finish him off? Will doing so allow them to finally leave Barovia? Have...


 14 June 2019  1h5m

180 - Bone That Mist

The Aristocrats pursue Stahd to the town of Valacki to hopefully stop him before he drains the town and recovers. While they seem to have the vampire lord on the ropes, the tide seems like it could turn for the party at any moment. Could their...


 07 June 2019  1h0m

179 - Drunk on Druid Power

The party tries to rally against Rahadin in Strahd's castle after taking a brutal beating from him as they arrived. But just as it seems they have the upper hand, Strahd comes downstairs to check on his friend and is infuriated by some druid nonsense....


 31 May 2019  1h2m

178 - Mystic Missile Midboss

The party storms Strahd's castle with nothing but confidence, expecting to steamroll over the vampire lord with their new weapons. They are promptly knocked down to size by Rahadin, who turns their confidence into a potential TPK. Will they have what...


 24 May 2019  58m