The Dungeoneers Podcast

A group of friends get together to have fun and play a tabletop rpg game. Action adventure and hilarity ensue.

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46 - Through the Hole

The Dungeoneers arrive at Starry Coast to make a plan to retrieve the key they need to fix all their problems. With the time crunch hanging over their heads, will they race forward into danger? Starring Mike Robertson, Chris Daly, Jeffrey Nye, Ronnie...


 11 November 2016  1h9m

45 - Fist of the Bear

The Dungeoneers get some interesting information and travel to Starry Coast. And it gets sorry about this one weird. If I could double explicit tag this one I would. Starring Mike Robertson, Chris Daly, Jeffrey Nye, Ronnie "Verge"...


 04 November 2016  1h6m

44 - The Road So Far

The party gets together to recap the first half of the campaign and have a fun time talking about the podcast, gearing up for the next part of the adventure. Starring Mike Robertson, Jeffrey Nye, Ronnie "Verge" Whitmire, Brandt "Waldo" Wetzel and...


 28 October 2016  1h12m

43 - Mezzanine

The flashback finishes up as the party arrives in Dyson Hallow to discover that it's not as advertised. Will the hopes and dreams of Bartimus Badger fuel our heroes to turn the town around? Or will they get future slapped to fix continuity? Starring...


 21 October 2016  1h12m

42 - Vomiting with Rage

We continue our flashback to the origins of the party and their friend Bartimus Badger. Riding high from a victory in the Pykett Invitational the party ventures toward Dyson Hallow and Bart's hopes and dreams. Starring Mike Robertson, Jeffrey Nye,...


 14 October 2016  1h0m

41 - Pykett Invitational Flashback

It's dwarf fighting pandemonium Mean Gene! We look back on where the team came together at the Pykett Invitational. Will any of the heroes come out on top and go home with the golden fish? Ohhhhhh Yeahhhhhh! Starring Mike Robertson, Jeffrey Nye,...


 07 October 2016  58m

40 - Shalom Brothers

The group tries to forget their recent adventure with a trip to the yearly Harvest Festival. But no amount of potato corn or carnival games can prepare them for what their futures hold. Starring Mike Robertson, Chris Daly, Jeffrey Nye, Ronnie "Verge"...


 30 September 2016  59m

39 - I'm Not a Genie

The party makes tough choices as an ancient power is released into the Hooz(not a genie). But will he be an ally or their worst nightmare(or a genie). Starring Mike Robertson, Chris Daly, Jeffrey Nye, Ronnie "Verge" Whitmire and Brandt "Three Wishes"...


 23 September 2016  1h0m

38 - Dying to Death

The Dungeoneers continue their search for Jebulous in the tazelwurm infested dungeon. Will they find him before its too late? Will the party join in his fate? Will Brandt and Chris argue with Mike for far too long? One one way to find out...Starring...


 16 September 2016  1h9m

37 - Toucan Sam the White

Babar and the boys inspect fields with the VanHorton brothers to try to figure out the mystery of the tainted pipe weed. Can the party keep it together with trouble bubbling right below the surface? Starring Mike Robertson, Chris Daly, Jeffrey Nye,...


 09 September 2016  1h11m