The Dungeoneers Podcast

A group of friends get together to have fun and play a tabletop rpg game. Action adventure and hilarity ensue.

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196 - Quadrabat University

The Spitfires arrive at Quadrabat University and try to break up an angry mob protesting a controversial professor. They are then brought into dealing with University politics in an effort to get the information they came for. But what they find is...


 27 September 2019  1h5m

195 - The Blarney Bunny Connection

After receiving their new mission, the Spitfires shop and go sailing on the Sunset Damsel toward Ship's End in the country of Castrovel. However along the way, they meet up with another of Anne's old pirate friends. Starring Mike Robertson(Big Boss...


 19 September 2019  1h2m

194 - Suckin' Horn

The party travels back from Acreon Island, dealing with a serious medical emergency on board the Sunset Damsel. Arriving home, they trade information with Chessix and check in with the Busty Dragon. Just as they are about to head out following a new...


 13 September 2019  1h7m

193 - The Sunset Damsel

The party continues its journey through the mine and finds something totally unexpected guarding something totally unexpected. Will they have what it takes to finally escape Acreon Island and get back to Absolom Harbor? Starring Mike Robertson(Big...


 06 September 2019  1h12m

192 - Stinky Balsamic Glaze

Stuck on Acreon Island, with the fate of Anne in question, the party tries to hold it together in the mine. But danger seems to be around every corner as they try to gain insight into the fate of the crew of the Grizzly Gob and the unusual markings...


 30 August 2019  1h8m

191 - Antcient Elven For Dummies

The Spitfires(with new goblin friend Mungbean), having retrieved the package for the Drow embassy, moves on the search the rest of Acreon Island. However just as they are venturing inside the mine, they respond to a noise outside to see a spooked...


 22 August 2019  1h5m

190 - Helpful Poops

After arriving on Acreon Island, the Spitfires venture below deck of the Grizzly Gob, the missing miners' ship. While they are cautious after seeing an ominous tile warning, they are still met with the unexpected. Will they find the embassy's package...


 16 August 2019  1h2m

189 - Take the Bunny and Run

While on the way to Acreon Island, the party is confronted by the feared pirate Insteph Halitis, captain of the Inferno, and a rival from Anne's past. The party does their best to diffuse the situation, which goes about as poorly as you would expect....


 08 August 2019  1h1m

188 - Creepy Beautiful

Having experienced success on their first Spitfire mission, the party is called upon at the Busty Dragon to go to the drow embassy for an interesting opportunity. Flush with cash, they do some shopping before heading to the docks for a new adventure....


 02 August 2019  1h0m

187 - Bees in the Poker

After alerting the gang of their presence, the Spitfires go behind the employees only door to follow Prim and find information on the Royal Downers' involvement in Deter's death. But are they ready for what they'll find inside? Starring Mike...


 25 July 2019  59m