The Dungeoneers Podcast

A group of friends get together to have fun and play a tabletop rpg game. Action adventure and hilarity ensue.

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206 - Sky Fisher

The Spitfires battle their way past the cultists waiting in ambush in the plague warden statue. As they gain insight into the cult and also the elves of the past, a threat attempts to catch them off guard. Will they finally be able to catch their...



205 - Cocaine Grizzly & The Plague Warden

The party battles a very disturbed grizzly bear and then follows their guide to a surprising sight.  But as danger appears around every turn in the jungle, are they prepared for what's ahead? Starring Mike Robertson(Big Boss Dungeoneer), Ross...



204 - As Sleepy as a Tree Can Be

The party is attacked by a sentient tree but the real danger is brewing inside Dorfin. The party comes together to save their stout friend. (Possible body horror trigger warning). Starring Mike Robertson(Big Boss Dungeoneer), Ross Harris(Dorfin...



203 - Shrub Stalking

As the party leaves the obelisk to continue their trek to the mountains, Dorfin feels like they're being followed. While the party questions his concerns, Dorfin could be in more danger than ever before. Starring Mike Robertson(Big Boss Dungeoneer),...



202 - Moss Crab

The Spitfires move deeper into the jungle following the landmarks of Halkreen Zahn. While they seem to be gaining on the kidnappers of Dr. Solstani and gathering information on the mystery, they continue to experience the very dangerous wildlife along...


 08 November 2019  1h3m

201 - Stumpy Joe & the Bisons

Having arrived at Truhulu Point, the party gathers info(and a guide) before heading out after the group traveling with Dr. Solstani. However even traversing the grasslands proves to be more dangerous than they could imagine, where a force seems to be...


 01 November 2019  1h2m

200 - Rhys Maddy's Day Off

While his fellow Spitfires found a way to get them through the portal to Truhulu point, Rhys Maddy came up with an idea to have a not-so-sick day out on the town with some old friends. After collecting his friend Carmine and old flame Sharon, they go...


 25 October 2019  1h2m

199 - The Biggest Fan

After defusing the situation at the Five Arches, Anne, Dorfin and Beaufort visit the Port Authority to try to get their team through the portal. However after they point out a security flaw they find the way blocked with significant red tape. While...


 18 October 2019  1h5m

198 - Twannas Standoff

The Spitfires enter into a tense standoff with the elf Twannas as they try to negotiate information and the life of the Ulie. Will they be able to deescalate the situation or will they battle in the Five Arches? Starring Mike Robertson(Big Boss...


 11 October 2019  1h3m

197 - Ulie & The Five Arches

The party having discovered the disappearance of Dr. Solstani, follows a lead to a popular restaurant in the portal district. They question Ulie, the owner of the establishment and pick up on a shady customer. Starring Mike Robertson(Big Boss...


 04 October 2019  1h3m