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Welcome to The Debug Log, a podcast about game development. Hosts Andrew, Obinna, Zack, Ryan, and Eduardo are all professional game developers. From games for health care to AAA mobile games, these guys have experienced it all and have the scars to prove it. That being said, this is not your typical developer podcast. The Debug Log balances in-depth discussions and interviews with a casual and wry sense of humor. Aiming to be both entertaining and informative, the show targets developers of all skill levels. Whether you’re just getting started or have several games under your belt, you’re sure to find something of value. Join them each week as they deep dive into the evolving world of game development.

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Episode 102: Developing Games for the Cloud

Everyone has been talking about the cloud… so, we figured we should too! In this week’s episode, we bring in another former Sprocketeer and backend server engineer, Tyler Ohlsen to talk about his experience when developing for the cloud and some of the tools, services, and concepts needed to begin developing games for the cloud. We try out a quick exercise that illustrates how Tyler breaks down and thinks about certain problems as it relates to designing for the cloud.


 06 November 2019  57m

episode 101: Episode 101: The Road to Better Concurrency

The party doesn't stop at 100! We're keeping the train moving right along with another fresh episode. In this week's episode, we bring in former Sprocketeer and backend server engineer, Matt Bolt to talk about a series of blog posts that he recently posted. In The Road to Better Concurrency, Matt discusses some pitfalls of multithreaded code and the current APIs that have been built in object-oriented languages to address them. Visit our site to check out his blog posts!


 27 September 2019  57m

episode 100: Episode 100: 100th Episode Retrospective

We finally did it! After 4 very short years, we managed to reach 100 episodes of The Debug Log. In this episode, we are joined by a very special person, none other than our lost co-host Eduardo Castillo Fernandez! Together, the 5 of us discuss some of our favorite experiences we've had producing this how over the past 100 episodes. Thanks for tuning in this week and we hope you enjoy the show! Feel free to send any emails with questions you may have. Contact us at:


 01 August 2019  59m

episode 99: Episode 99: The Darkside of Development: Company Closures II

What is better than three episodes about the dark underbelly of software development? FOUR episodes about the dark underbelly of software development!! That’s right depressed ladies and gents. It’s that time YET AGAIN! Put grandma and grandpappy to bed, grab a box of tissues, a tub of ice cream, a random picture of Obinna, and any other items needed to lift your spirits, and sit back and enjoy part four of The Darkside of Development...


 15 May 2019  1h0m

episode 98: Episode 98: The Darkside of Development: Company Closures I

What is better than two episodes about the dark underbelly of software development? Three episodes about the dark underbelly of software development! That’s right ladies and gents. It’s that time AGAIN! Put the dogs in their kennels, grab a keg of your fa


 08 May 2019  1h2m

episode 97: Episode 97: It's Not a Bug, It's a Feature

As a game dev, you probably deal with bugs and glitches on a day-to-day basis. Today we are talking about the best kind of bugs, bugs that end up being happy accidents. The history of game development is full of stories of legendary glitches that became p


 04 April 2019  1h20m

episode 96: Episode 96: Holiday Special 2018

Welcome to our 4th annual Holiday Special where we discuss some of the biggest games and stories of the past year. Thank you for sticking with us for another year, stayed tuned for more episodes and content in the months to come. Happy Holidays everybody,


 02 January 2019  1h8m

episode 95: Episode 95: Unite 2018 Wrap Up

Unite 2018 Los Angeles! In this episode we discuss the many happenings at the annual Unity convention Unite. There was a lot to see at this years conference. Some of the highlights include the Entity Component System, nested prefabs, the Visual Effects


 13 November 2018  49m

episode 94: Episode 94: Rapid-Fire Roundup

This week we are back with another "Rapid-Fire Roundup" episode. Catching up on a lot of the stories of the past few months, we tackle everything from Microsoft's interesting new Game Pass offerings to updates on the eternal Unity vs Unreal war. All that


 10 October 2018  58m

episode 93: Episode 93: Evolution of Game Networking

Another walk down gamedev memory lane with Ryan and the gang! This week on the show we discuss the evolution of networking in games. We cover the growth of the play spaces for multiplayer games such as university networks, linked computers, and the gran


 27 July 2018  1h2m