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Topical, controversial, and (hopefully) entertaining conversation about miniature war games, board games, and other topics near and dear to gamers' hearts. Our wide variety of topics include table top war games, board games, miniature games, Fantasy Flight Games (Starcraft, Descent, Twilight Imperium, etc.), Games Workshop (Warhammer, 40k), Privateer Press (Warmachine Hordes, Monsterpocalypse), Days of Wonder, Rio Grande Games, Video Games, MMORPGS (World of Warcraft, Warhammer Online), and much more.

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D6G Pip 28: Achievements in Gaming Sept 2019

Craig & Russ talk what they've been playing lately: Joan of Arc, Warhammer 40k, & Greedfall along with favorite shows.



D6G Pip 27: British vs Pirates Part 2: Home Brew Scenario & Rating

Craig joins Russ to share his thoughts on British vs Pirates...has he come around on this amazing game? Also they discuss a home brew scenario & give their rating of the game.



D6G Pip 26: British vs Pirates

Russ shares his thoughts on the light age of sail game: British vs Pirates by Exocrate Games.  He has all the bling from vol 1 & vol 2 and has been painting & playing like crazy!


 31 August 2019  30m

D6G Pip 25: Marvel Crisis Protocol Early Thoughts

Though we were NEARLY distracted by new Song of Ice and Fire announcements the news from GenCon 2019 that has Craig most excited is Marvel Crisis Protocol. We discuss the new rules and why the game appeals.


 19 August 2019  36m

D6G Pip 24: Achievements in Gaming July 2019

Craig and Russ discuss what they've been playing, painting, & watching lately. Topics include more Joan of Arc, more D&D, more 40k, contrast paints on a massive dragon and summer movies.


 29 July 2019  55m

D6G Pip 23: GW Contrast Paints Thoughts & Tips

Craig has taken the plunge and invested heavily in Games Workshop's new line of "Contrast Paints." The hype has been high on these new products & Russ takes the opportunity to interview Craig on his findings: What are Contrast Paints & How...


 03 July 2019  47m

D6G Pip 22: Joan of Arc Time of Legends Detailed Review

In classic D6G detailed review style ... Craig and Russ take a deep dive into the mechanics of Joan of Arc Time of Legends from Mythic games.   What will it receive via the patent-pending D6G rating system?


 28 June 2019  52m

Pip 21: Joan of Arc & My 15 yo Daughter

Russ has been playing the heck out of Mythic Games' "Time of Legends: Joan of Arc." He's back in his car, this time with a better mic, sharing the results and thoughts from his first few plays of the game with his daughter. Can a game this...


 14 June 2019  42m

D6G Pip 20: Tips for Gaming while Camping

Russ just got back from a Memorial day camping trip with the family. Brain full of what he does to make gaming as much a part of the outdoors as hiking, he is anxious to share!


 31 May 2019  27m

D6G Pip 19: DYEN - Miniature Games are Calling

Craig brings back the beloved segment "Do You Ever Notice?" and asks "Do you ever notice when miniature games are calling?"


 30 May 2019  39m