Previously known as The Coriolis Effect, a fan podcast celebrating (mostly Swedish) RPGs including, but not limited to: Coriolis; Forbidden Lands; Symbaroum; Tales from the Loop; and, Alien. Featuring discussion magazine episodes and Actual Play recordings.


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episode 113: As good a place as any to take your first steps to heaven

Top tips for running Alien from around the world, especially for Alien fans new to RPGs. Plus more details about #Dragonmeet



episode 112: I, Alien - For the Queen!

The colonists are running scared - from our players! Because, remember, in this crime-against-roleplaying our players are the Xenomorphs, looking to consolidate their victory by building a hive.



episode 111: I, Alien - Bursting with Pride

In our mixed up Alien Hack, the Aliens get to ... errr ... plant their seed? Euuugh! Seriously ... should we even be podcasting this Dave?



episode 110: I, Alien - The Very Hangry Facehugger

They said it couldn’t happen. I said it SHOULDN’T happen. But Dave did it anyway. Alien RPG, hacked so the players play Xenomorphs


 30 October 2019  1h13m

episode 109: Woe to the man whose heart has not learned - to hope

We talk mostly about getting ready #Dragonmeet2019 including a trip to Grindbone 2183. Also we tell why you should be playing Things from the Flood.


 26 October 2019  48m

episode 108: Lets get ready to RUMBLE!

Sport in the Third Horizon and Monster Hunters in Forbidden Lands. Plus Symbaroum and Dragonmeet 2019


 06 October 2019  1h25m

episode 107: Ravenland Tales: A Ruby for Hroka - Part 7

Attacking the Rust Brothers


 27 September 2019  1h15m

episode 106: Ravenland Tales: A Ruby for Hroka - Part 6

Meeting Mergolene and planning an attack on the Rust Brothers' Toll station.


 20 September 2019  55m

episode 105: Winter is Coming

The Bitter Reach Kickstarter launches! We speak to writer Magnus Seter. Plus, Alien for beginning GMs, Dragonmeet, and Matt Kay is our Player in the Hamam


 14 September 2019  1h32m

episode 104: Ravenland Tales: A Ruby for Hroka - Part 5

Messing about on the river.


 13 September 2019  1h21m