The College Years

The greatest college radio show of all time. The Sound of Young America is today an award-winning syndicated public radio show. Five years ago, it was three guys' college radio show. The College Years takes you into that history.

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Mashup 7/22/04

The Sound of Young America: The College Years is a chronicle of the rise to power of three young men who would one day become kings of the radio field. Comedy, interviews, banter, delight.


 29 June 2010  1h52m

Mad Libs 7/15/04

Co-hosted by Brian Lane and Arthur Gauss, this week's show has artist Brandon Bird, author Geoffrey Nunberg, and comedians Jimmy Pardo and Shelley Berman.


 10 April 2010  1h39m

First Impressions 7/8/04

In this episode, Jesse welcomes writer Joanne Gilbert, comedian Jeff Richards, and writer-comedian Harmon Leon.


 16 February 2010  1h33m

God Bless America 06/17/04

Historian Kenneth C. Davis & Comedian Patton Oswalt on the show. PLUS some standup by "The Jazz Comedian" Franklyn Ajaye.


 20 January 2010  1h9m

Come Fly With Me 5/27/04

Comedians Jasper Redd & W. Kamau Bell on the show, PLUS a contest to win a chance to fly with Jesse on a WW2 Red Baron Pizza biplane!


 11 January 2010  52m

Sticking it to The Man 5/20/04

Today's Theme is: Sticking it to The Man. With guests Michael Slack & Rich Stimbra of the San Francisco Comedy College, and Davy Rothbart of FOUND! Magazine.


 07 January 2010  44m

R.O.C.K! 5/06/04

Our rock star friend, Andrew W.K., give's Jesse's little brother Brendan some rock n roll advice. Brendan Thorn (aka Eddy Demon) is the frontman of the band Total Annihilation.


 31 December 2009  54m

FOOD: 4/29/04

Today's theme is FOOD - Our guest is Jamis McNiven, eccentric restaurant mogul of Bucks of Woodside and the author of Breakfast at Bucks: Tales From the Pancake Guy.


 16 December 2009  56m

A Doozy 4/22/04

Hang It Up / Keep It Up - PLUS: Andrew W.K rocks The Sound of Young America.


 09 December 2009  59m

Pathetic! 4/15/09

Today's Theme: Pathetic! Tales of a woe and failure.Featured guest is The Onion's Maria Schneider: She's the creator of the comic strip Pathetic Geek Stories.


 02 December 2009  53m