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Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely host the industry's leading independent Cloud Computing podcast. Each week they discuss the technology and business changes that are driving Digital Transformation, DevOps, Cloud-Native applications and Hybrid Cloud. Topics include Cloud Computing | Open Source | AWS | Azure | GCP | Serverless | DevOps | Big Data | ML | AI | AppDev | SaaS | PaaS | CaaS | IoT. Guests are industry thought-leaders and founders of companies changing the IT industry.

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Reviewing AWS re:Invent 2019

Brian reviews the big themes from AWS re:Invent 2019, as well as “most” of the new announcements.



Building an Effective Developer Program

Aaron and Brian talk to Mark Weitzel (@weitzlm, VP & General Manager, New Relic One at @NewRelic) about building effective developer platforms including lessons learned, best practices and trade offs to consider



Reviewing Microsoft Ignite

Aaron and Brian take a look at the Docker acquisition and review the Microsoft Ignite show and announcements



Azure Cloud Adoption Framework

Aaron talks with Evelyn Padrino (Azure Customer Success) & Brian Blanchard (Azure Cloud Adoption Framework Team) about adopting cloud, patterns of adoption, use cases and how the Azure Adoption Framework is helping their customers.



Simplifying Healthcare Interactions

SHOW: 423

DESCRIPTION: Brian talks with two entrepreneurs from the MetLife Digital Accelerator powered by Techstars program about their startups (Smiletronix and LazarusAI) about how technology is helping to give people more con...


 07 November 2019  36m

Evolving Trust on the Internet

SHOW: 422

DESCRIPTION: Brian talks with two entrepreneurs from the MetLife Digital Accelerator powered by Techstars program about their startups (The Difference, and Zogo Finance) about how people are trusting some of their most...


 06 November 2019  33m

Understanding HTTP, CDNs and Edge Proxies

Brian talks with Julia Evans (@b0rk, software engineer, data scientist, ‘zine artist) about the fundamentals of HTTP/HTTPS, and the interaction of web traffic with CDNs, Load-Balancers and Edge Proxies.


 30 October 2019  40m

Buying & Selling SaaS Services

Brian talks with Nicolas Vandenberghe (@NicolasVDB, Co-Founder at @ChiliPiper) about the buying and selling of SaaS services, how to streamline interactions, and how to better engage with potential SaaS users.


 23 October 2019  31m

From the Battlefield to the Boardroom

Brian talks with Sarah Catanzaro (@sarahcat21, Principal at @AmplifyPartners) about approaches to evaluate complex markets and models.


 16 October 2019  34m

Building a Cloud Practice in Azure

SHOW: 418

DESCRIPTION: Brian talks with Joseph Landes, (@josephlandes, Chief Revenue Officer @GetNerdio) about the unique characteristics of the Azure Cloud, how MSPs are able to differentiate or partner in the market with publi...


 09 October 2019  34m