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A British Goodbye?

Britons vote in a week whether to leave the E.U. ("Brexit") or to stay ("Remain"). John Cassidy, staff writer at the New Yorker, explains what's at stake for the countries involved, and the potential impact of Jo Cox's murder. @BrianLehrer NYC-based Brit


 17 June 2016  24m

Albany's "Big Ugly"

At the end of each legislative session, New York's lawmakers scramble to pass all the bills that not yet been acted on in what is sometimes called "The Big Ugly." Jimmy Vielkind, Albany bureau chief of Politico New York, rounds up the legislative pre-­su


 17 June 2016  30m

30 Issues | Week 10 Recap: Race and Rhetoric in American Politics

Catch up on what we learned during Week 10 of #30 Issues... Race has been a frequently recurring topic during this year's presidential, campaigns, sometimes explicitly, and sometimes less obviously. Hit "play" above to hear all of our #30Issues


 17 June 2016  n/a

Brian Lehrer Weekend: Presidents on Race, Claressa Shields, NYC Segregation

Three of our favorite segments from the week, in case you missed them. 30 Issues: A History of Politicians Talking About Race in America (First) | Claressa Shields is Back to Box at the Rio Olympics (Starts at 22:52) | When NYC School Segregation Gets Pe


 17 June 2016  47m

Why Do You Own an Assault Weapon?

Following up on a debate between two callers earlier in this week, we wanted to hear the reasons people own assault rifles and other guns with large magazines and high caliber bullets. Listeners call in to discuss why they own an assault rifle. Caller Qu


 16 June 2016  14m

The Costs of Permanent War

Mark Danner, a journalist who teaches at the University of California Berkeley and at Bard College and the author of Spiral: Trapped in the Forever War (Simon & Schuster, 2016), says that the "war on terror" set in motion a spiral of perpetual milita


 16 June 2016  12m

30 Issues | The Way Republicans Talk About Race

Do Republicans have their own ways of fighting and discussing racism? Jason Riley, columnist for The Wall Street Journal and senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, talks about whether there is conservative path to racial equality and an anti-racist Am


 16 June 2016  27m

Washington's Orlando Response

Melinda Henneberger, editor-in-chief of Roll Call, talks about last night's senate filibuster for gun control, the actual likelihood of such laws passing, and how the presidential candidates have responded to the Orlando attack. @BrianLehrer I couldn't s


 16 June 2016  22m

#AskTheMayor: Bronx Edition

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio takes calls from listeners in the Bronx and discusses school choice, NYPD corruption, a plan new ferry plan, and more during our weekly #AskTheMayor segment. .@BilldeBlasio is taking calls from the Boogie Down #Bronx today on @Br


 16 June 2016  33m

Quantifying Terrorism's Turn to Guns

After the Orlando attack, a debate has again broken out about guns, gun laws, and how best to classify the attack. Carl Bialik, FiveThirtyEight’s lead writer for news, discusses the relationship between guns and terrorist attacks in recent US history, sa


 15 June 2016  12m