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Where Do Police Stand on the Gun Debate?

The Philadelphia shoot out injuring 6 officers is a reminder that police are on the front line of America’s daily gun violence. Jennifer Dawn Carlson, sociologist at the University of Arizona and author of Citizen-Protectors: The Everyday Politics of Gun



#AsktheMayor: Pressure Cookers, Homeless Raid, Foreclosure, Mental Health, NYPD Geo-Location

Bill de Blasio, New York City Mayor, takes calls from listeners and discusses this week in NYC. “What we do know now is there is no danger to people of the city,” @NYCMayor tells @BrianLehrer about pressure cookers found in the subway this morning. — Jef



America's Opioid Addiction

Beth Macy, reporter and the author of, now out in paperback, Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors, and the Drug Company that Addicted America, tells the story of the opioid crisis.



Was Woodstock Really a Revolution?

Listeners call in to share their memories of Woodstock music festival.  "if they remember it, they weren't actually there!" — jay cowit (@jaycowit) August 15, 2019 @BrianLehrer Lee Blumer was a part of the original group who helped put on the original Wo



It's Not Just Epstein: Jails Are Failing at Preventing Suicide

Each year, more than 300 people take their lives while incarcerated in America’s jails. Christine Tartaro, professor of Criminal Justice at Stockton University, and Rosa Goldensohn, reporter for THE CITY, talk about how jails and prisons are failing at k



We Are Already at 2°C

Steven Mufson, business of climate change reporter at The Washington Post, talks about his recent reporting which shows that parts of New Jersey and Rhode Island are already experiencing extreme warning and surpassing the 2 degree Celsius limit which was



Candidate-By-Candidate: Biden, Trump, Harris and Booker

Listeners who support individual candidates call to share what they are thinking of the 2020 race so far. Senator Booker is steady and consistent. His policies are critically thought through much like addressing economic disparities in this country, repr



New Jersey’s Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill

Susan Boyce, patient advocate volunteer with Compassion and Choices, an advocacy group to expand and improve end-of-life-options and care, talks about New Jersey’s Aid in Dying Law.



'An Eye For An Eye': Hong Kong Protests Update

Elaine Yu Hong Kong correspondent for AFP News Agency, discusses and explains the latest developments from the Hong Kong airport protests.



Going Broke with Brokers' Fees

As hordes of  New Yorkers are scrambling to rent apartments ahead of September 1st when many leases are up, Robert Desir, staff attorney with the Legal Aid Society, and City Council Member Keith Powers (4th District, East Side) talk about the city's prop