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Sarah Spain profiles guests from the world of sports, comedy, music and beyond to share the stories of their lives and their journeys to success.

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Frozen: Kristen Anderson-Lopez

Sarah chats with the Oscar and Grammy award-winning lyricist Kristen Anderson-Lopez about the pressure of writing the songs for Frozen II, how she wrote a song while ice-skating, and what she likes to call e-pee-phanies.



Mini Pod: SNL's Beck Bennett

Sarah chats with SNL's Beck Bennett about what it's like when former cast members like Will Ferrell come back to the show, who he would most want to host, and the time he met someone he's impersonated.



Focus: Cal Newport

Sarah talks to author and Georgetown professor Cal Newport about how social media companies have hacked our brains to get us to continually use their products, how the American workforce struggles with unbroken concentration, the constant companion model



Empathy: Jamil Zaki

Sarah talks to Stanford psychology professor Jamil Zaki about how empathy is in short supply these days, his Roddenberry Hypothesis, and what Manchester United fans taught us about tribalism.



A High Threshold for Boredom: Steve Rushin

Sarah talks to writer Steve Rushin about the curious way he met his wife, landing his dream job at age 25, getting a pair of pants thrown at him by a baseball manager, and the evolving landscape of journalism.



Natitude: Lindsey Czarniak and Reese Waters

Sarah talks with Lindsey Czarniak about covering the Nationals' World Series run, working with George Michael, and her time at ESPN. Plus, she catches up with Reese Waters, who discusses the vibe in DC after the Nats win and tells great stories about int


 05 November 2019  1h17m

Image and Likeness

Sarah discusses California's Fair Pay to Play Act with ESPN's Jay Bilas, sports economist Andy Schwarz, and state senator Nancy Skinner.


 29 October 2019  48m

Place: Wright Thompson

Sarah talks to ESPN's Wright Thompson about finding his footing as a writer, the importance of the writer-editor relationship, why he always tries to "send the elevator back down," why place seems to be a recurring theme in his writing, and why empathy i


 22 October 2019  1h2m

Happier: Gretchen Rubin

Sarah talks with NY Times Best-Selling author Gretchen Rubin about why she decided to research happiness, why rewards are not good for habit changing, the difficulty in manufacturing a lightning bolt habit change, and how your personality affects your ab


 15 October 2019  1h2m

Man in Blazer: Roger Bennett

Sarah talks with Roger Bennett of Men in Blazers about how being an Everton fan has shaped his outlook on life, how his American pen pal made him fall in love with the Chicago White Sox, how not being able to watch the World Cup Final led to meeting his


 08 October 2019  1h7m