Textures offers up some of the best progressive house music on the market, mixed by an amazing cast of DJs and producers from all over the world. Tune in to get your progressive fix for the month.


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Textures - April 2019

Some time off and I'm back and ready to roll.  I'm having fun with breaking out of the boundaries of just a straight up 4/4 set.  The last couple of episodes have explored tempo and break beats.  Here I'm trying to combine a straight...


 10 May 2019  1h29m

February 2019

Hi Folks, Just managing to get February on the books whew!  This is the first part of a set my good friend Jeff Griffiths and I recorded while he was out here recently.  Jeff and I have been playing records together for years, since records...


 01 March 2019  1h23m

January 2019

Happy New Year All! For the first mix of the year I wanted to continue working through a bit of a tangent I started in December incorporating a wide range of tempos into the set.  In addition to that it has been a long while since I have had an...


 10 January 2019  1h33m

December 2018

Merry Christmas folks!   I ended up taking November off and didn't put out an episode and I imagine some of you were wondering if that was it for the year.  Luckily I have found some time while on vacation over the holidays to put out...


 28 December 2018  1h26m

October 2018

Hi All, I went a little long on the mix this month and had to shave off some of the last track to make it fit into the space available for the podcast.  I hope you fogive me! Enjoy (c) Rob Curtis Music


 12 October 2018  1h48m

September 2018

This month I had the pleasure of doing opening duties for a true legend in the industry.  Mr. Nick Muir has been the man behind the curtain on all the Bedrock releases going back 20 years.  He is one of the few people who can truly say he...


 17 September 2018  1h13m

August 2018

Whew almost didn't make it this month what will all the travelling around I've been doing.  The good thing about all that travel was that I got lots of transit time to listen to a bunch of tunes that I had purchased but hadn't gotten around to...


 22 August 2018  1h19m

July 2018

Hi all,   A few weeks late this month due to me getting used to my new Pioneer controller and tranferring my music collection over to Rekordbox.  I think i'm getting the hang of things now.  This month I delve into a genre I call...


 13 July 2018  1h27m

Textures - June 2018

So I'm hanging in Lafayette Louisianna with my good friend getting some good ol' creole culture.  Tomorrow we're doing a crawfish boil which is something I haven't had for about 20 years.  I put this mix together on the plane ride down and I...


 03 June 2018  1h28m

May 2018

This month I pulled a bunch of B-Side out of the dustbin and weaved them together with some top notch music.  I've always found that when you originally assign a track a certain rating it can be deceiving and so I like to do this from time to...


 09 May 2018  1h32m