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Test Talks is a weekly podcast hosted by Joe Colantonio, which geeks out on all things software test automation. TestTalks covers news found in the testing space, reviews books about automation and speaks with some of the thought leaders in the test automation field. We’ll aim to interview some of today’s most successful and inspiring software engineers and test automation thought leaders.


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Chai Assertions and Accessibility Testing with Aparna Gopalakrishnan

In this episode, Aparna Gopalakrishnan shares her experience on two main topics, Chai and Accessibility Testing. So get ready to discover how and why to use Chai Assertions for your JavaScript tests. And learn some best practices for your...



Karate for UI Automation with Peter Thomas

Karate is an open-source tool for combining API test automation, mocks, and performance testing into a single, unified framework. In this episode, discover how it can now also help with UI automation. Peter Thomas, the creator of Karate will share...



Smashtest Rapidly Describe and Deploy Tests with Peter Tesler

Today discover more about Smashtest, a language for rapidly describing and deploying test cases. Peter Tesler, founder, and creator of Smashtest shares how to significantly speed up your automated testing by writing tests in a tree-like format. So...



Appium React Native Testing with Wim Selles

Today we’ll be discussing Appium and Visual Testing with Wim Selles. Wim is a Netherlands-based solutions architect for Sauce Labs. He has extensive knowledge about all things automation and has helped hundreds of Sauce customers solve automation...



Visual Programming for Automation with Duncan Brigginshaw

Today Duncan Brigginshaw, co-founder and technical director at Odin Technology, will share some of the benefits of using the Scriptworks automation testing framework. Listen to discover a unique way to visually program automation for your web, mobile,...



269: Automation Using Selenide with Hima Bindu Peteti

Today Hima Bindu Peteti will share her experience with Selenide, an open-source library that can make a significant impact in accelerating your automation software delivery by introducing concise API, shorter expressions, and many other capabilities....


 08 September 2019  31m

268: Saying Goodbye to TestTalks

It’s time to say goodbye and hello. In this episode, discover why I decided to rename TestTalks to the TestGuild Automation Podcast.


 03 September 2019  13m

267: Smart Test Execution with Eran Sher

Do you run an entire automation test for every build because you don’t know which one to run based on the checked-in changes? Running all tests for every check-in is time-consuming and creates lots of noise. In this episode, we’ll talk with Eran...


 25 August 2019  31m

266: Automation Journey and TestNG with Rex Jones II

In this episode we’ll test talk with Rex Jones about his automation testing journey. Rex will share some hacks that have helped his testing career, as well as his thoughts on the Java testing framework TestNG.


 18 August 2019  29m

265: TestProject a Community Testing Platform with Mark Kardashov

In this episode, we’ll talk to Mark Kardashov, CEO and Co-Founder of TestProject, a free automation framework built on top of Selenium and Appium. You may have heard that Tricentis recently acquired TestProject, and that’s one of the things...


 11 August 2019  25m