Ten Cent Heroes

Can't afford the normal heroes? Get these guys! In this biweekly Dungeons & Dragons podcast, Dungeon Master Bryanna ushers her players, Danny, Eliza, Ana, and Jon through countless perils as they embark on a quest to fight evil, explore far-off lands, and maybe finally make enough money for a room at the inn.


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h6m. Bisher sind 58 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein zweiwöchentlich erscheinender Podcast


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Episode 8 - Aw Ship! - Chapter 2

The Ten Cent Heroes and the crew of the Godstar are locked in deadly combat with the slaving ship Amaranthos in this harrowing high-seas adventure! The gang fights fires, does some good old-fashioned swashbuckling, and gets into some serious...


 17 November 2017  52m

Episode 7 - Aw Ship! - Chapter 1

Yoza, Reyseria, and Canon head out to sea once more, setting a course for the Dragonjaw Mountains. With the help of a mysterious new ally, the trio helps the crew of the Godstar hunt down a notorious slaving ship. Rules for naval combat pulled...


 12 November 2017  52m

Episode 6 - Ten Cent Spooktacular - Chapter 2

The Ten Cent Spooktacular concludes as the gang tries to solve the strange happenings in the hotel known as the Screaming Banshee. Yoza tries out some new powers, Reyseria hosts a cooking show, and Canon tries out for the NFL. Additional sound effects...


 04 November 2017  1h6m

Episode 5 - Ten Cent Spooktacular - Chapter 1

Hope you're ready for some spooks, because it's time for the Ten Cent Spooktacular! Grab your cider and a bowl of candy and listen as the gang crosses the Sea of Fallen Stars, Yoza raids a petting zoo, Canon makes a pumpkin friend, and Reyseria uses...


 28 October 2017  58m

Episode 4 - Oak & Dagger - Chapter 4

The Ten Cent Heroes' first adventure comes to a close as they do battle with Talathien and his minions. Yoza does her best Indiana Jones impression, Reyseria tries to keep the party alive, and Canon comes up against his limits as a musician. We have a...


 20 October 2017  1h14m

Episode 3 - Oak & Dagger - Chapter 3

After a long journey, Yoza, Canon, and Reyseria finally encounter the mysterious "fox" that they've been chasing through the Amandil. As the gang moves closer to solving the mysteries surrounding the forest, they realize they're playing a far more...


 14 October 2017  53m

Episode 2 - Oak & Dagger - Chapter 2

As the party moves deeper into the Amandil, their quest grows dangerous as they tangle with dryads, face off in a battle of wits against millenia-old fey, and learn a thing or two about Greek life. Stay tuned at the end for an announcement regarding...


 07 October 2017  1h29m

Episode 1 - Oak & Dagger - Chapter 1

In this first episode, our three unlikely heroes head into an ancient forest called the Amandil to unravel the mystery revolving around the disappearance of half-elf children in the city of Wisteria (and maybe find some missing chickens as well)....


 26 September 2017  1h21m