Team Human

Team Human is a weekly podcast and set of resources enabling human intervention in the economic, technological, and social programs that determine how we live, work, and interact. This is media as cultural resistance and a path to social change.

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Ep. 18 Ari Wallach “Longpath Thinking”

Playing for Team Human Today is Ari Wallach. In a conversation that spans politics, technology, history, and even biology, Wallach and Rushkoff look at the threat of short-term thinking in times of crisis. This freewheeling discussion tackles deep assump


 21 December 2016  47m

Ep. 17 Viktor Zaunders “Permaculture”

Playing for Team Human today, all the way from Sweden, is local food facilitator Viktor Zaunders. Zaunders is working to organize sustainable, regenerative, and collaborative local food systems. In this episode, Zaunders and Douglas talk about permacultu


 13 December 2016  38m

Ep. 16 Natalie Foster “Future of Work”

Playing for Team Human today is Natalie Foster. Foster brings a unique determination and optimism to questions surrounding the future of work. Her research as a fellow of the Aspen Institute Future of Work Initiative and as an affiliate at the Institute


 29 November 2016  47m

Ep. 15 Julie Holland MD “Finding the Others”

Playing for Team Human today is psychiatrist, psychopharmacologist, and psychedelics researcher Dr. Julie Holland. Dr. Holland explains the role of psychedelics in helping people gain the new forms of information and awareness they need to become more fu


 22 November 2016  31m

Ep. 14 Post-Election Special: The Trump Opportunity

Rushkoff visits and conducts a thought experiment: what if we all apply to work in Trump’s administration? A post-election special episode.


 15 November 2016  17m

Ep. 13 Kyra D. Gaunt Ph.D. “Full Spectrum Humanity”

Playing for Team Human is author, activist, ethnomusicologist and singer Kyra Gaunt Ph.D. Kyra’s research on the harassment of young women and people of color has recently focused on the YouTube phenomenon of twerking videos and trolling. In today&


 08 November 2016  35m

Ep. 12 Mushon Zer-Aviv “Reambiguation”

Playing for Team Human is Mushon Zer-Aviv. Mushon shares his creative strategies for resistance against assimilation into the big data mindset. His playful, interactive designs turn the cult of data collection on its head, re-ambiguating humans and embra


 01 November 2016  34m

Ep. 11 Steve Lambert “Public Displays of Collaboration”

Playing for Team Human is art activist Steve Lambert. Steve reclaims public spaces with his work, igniting the radical imagination and critical thinking of his audience collaborators. With his recent piece, “Capitalism Works For Me!(True/False),


 25 October 2016  31m

Ep. 10 Aaron Dignan “Hacking the Corporation”

Playing for Team Human is Aaron Dignan. Aaron is a strategist, author, and founder of the Ready, where he works on updating the “organizational operating systems” of business. Dignan has advised top executives at global brands including GE, F


 18 October 2016  34m

Ep. 09 D.C. Vito “Media Literacy”

Playing for Team Human today is D.C. Vito, Executive Director of The LAMP (Learning About Multimedia Project). The LAMP brings hands-on media education into underserved communities, empowering students and teachers with the skills needed to comprehend, c


 11 October 2016  34m