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Join your friends Bob Mackey and Henry Gilbert for a chronological and cromulent exploration of the greatest show ever made! Each podcast tackles a different episode of The Simpsons, breaking down every 22 minutes of animated entertainment into an embiggening discussion about Our Favorite Family.

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Talking Simpsons - Mom And Pop Art With Cait Raft

This week we welcome back Cait Raft (This Podcast Is Self Care, JackAM on Twitch), not only to talk more about the Simpsons writers' room, but also the world of art! Homer accidentally becomes an artist after almost killing a few people, and Homer is...



Talking Simpsons - Simpsons Bible Stories With David Dedrick

This week wccccccc! Listen this week before your test in Birds Suddenly Appear! Support this podcast and get dozens of bonus episodes by visiting and becoming a patron! And please follow the new official Twitter,...



Talking Simpsons - Maximum Homerdrive With Luke Savage

This week we welcome back Luke Savage, from the Michael And Us podcast and a writer for Jacobin, to talk all about Homer's new job as a trucker! After indirectly killing a man, Homer inherits his job, which leads him into learning a giant union scam....



Talking Simpsons - The Table Read Special!

A lifelong dream came true for us--no, not running onto the field during a baseball game, going to a Simpsons table read!! Hear all about our whirlwind trip to Los Angeles to see the actors and writers perform an upcoming script for the show, what it...



Talking Simpsons - Make Room For Lisa With Super Eyepatch Wolf

This week we welcome back on Super Eyepatch Wolf (be sure to check out John's YouTube channel and Patreon), all to discuss Lisa's difficult relationship with Homer! After losing her room to a cell phone tower, Lisa is feeling ignored by Homer all as...



Talking Simpsons - Marge Simpson in: "Screaming Yellow Honkers" With Stephen Sajdak

We're once again joined by Stephen Sajdak, cohost of the great We Hate Movies podcast, and be sure to check out their awesome West Coast tour happening RIGHT NOW! Stephen helps us deal with our road rage as we watch Marge drive all over Springfield,...


 06 November 2019  1h45m

Talking Simpsons - I'm With Cupid With Nick Prueher

It's Simpsons' second Valentine's Day episode, and we've got a great guest: Nick Prueher from Found Footage Festival/VCR Party Live! We talk about Nick's nostalgic tribute to VHS and his intriguing history with Simpsons, then chat about Apu's...


 30 October 2019  2h24m

Talking Simpsons - Homer To The Max with Nathan Rabin

Max Power invades the show this week, as we welcome on the great writer and podcaster Nathan Rabin (check out his upcoming Weird Al book)! We discuss mid-season TV, replaceable voice actors, network retooling, cactuses, and the parties of liberal...


 23 October 2019  1h59m

Talking Simpsons - Sunday Cruddy Sunday With Kat Bailey

It's time for the Super Bowl, so we welcome back our football friend/USG Editor-In-Chief Kat Bailey to explain sports to us nerds! The show heads to Super Bowl XXXIII for drinking, arrests, egg magic, controversy, billionaire tyrants, tons of guest...


 16 October 2019  2h12m

Disenchantment Season 2 Review And Chat About "In Her Own Write"

Here's a special surprise for Talking Simpsons listeners: Our newest episode of What A Cartoon! podcast where we review the most recent season of Matt Groening's other series! The second season of Disenchantment has dropped on Netflix, so we are here...


 14 October 2019  1h47m