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The only podcast asking the real questions about life, love, and penis inferiority. Philosophy? Metaphysics? Bodily excretions? We’ve got it all. Leave a message on our toll-free hotline: 1-888-822-7556

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episode 81: Ball Pits and Thor's Hammer

Ball pits - can you trust them? Why do people like tea? You can summon any object to your hand, Thor's hammer style... what object do you choose?



episode 80: Bad Sounds and Split Dicks

What's the worst sound to hear every morning? You have to bisect your penis - which direction do you make the cut? Should prisoners be allowed access to the internet?



episode 79: Suppositories and Grave Robbing

Have you ever used a suppository? Does the volume of a snack deter you from eating it? Is grave robbing wrong? Could you raise a pig to eat it? Have you ever shaved to encourage hair growth?



episode 78: Binge Watching and Hate

Is binge watching TV bad for you? What makes you say "... god I hate people"?


 19 September 2019  30m

episode 77: Divorce and Plant Pain

How many divorces is too many? Do plants feel pain? Do you drink tap water?


 31 August 2019  28m

episode 76: Bertnanas and Squash Heads

Would you rather hurt someone's feelings or have your own feelings hurt? Whats the new "oldest profession"? If you had a squash for a head, which squash would you choose? You have to be business partners with an animal - which animal do you choose?


 23 August 2019  30m

episode 75: Dowsing and Fighting Kids

Would you have an RFID chip installed in your finger? How many 4-year-olds could you fight off? Would you remove a finger for a disease free life? What's the best TV show about a radio station?


 08 August 2019  34m

episode 74: Attractive Men, Worst Qualities, and Area 51

Can you rate the attractiveness of men as a straight male? What are your worst qualities? Should we raid Area 51?


 01 August 2019  29m

episode 73: Apples and Money

How do you eat an apple? You have to stay in one position for 24 hours, which position do you choose? A Brinks truck spills on the highway, do you take any money?


 17 July 2019  16m

episode 72: Hungry Skeletons and Climate Change

Would you rather be a skeleton or have no skeleton? Should we give up on climate change?


 12 July 2019  13m