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episode 84: Showers and Cuticles

Did you hate showering as a kid? What's the deal with cuticles?



episode 83: Confucius and Nightmares

What is the wisest saying you've ever heard? For extraordinary wealth, would you be willing to have terrifying nightmares every night for a year? Do you feel comfortable going to dinner or the movies alone?


 02 November 2019  18m

episode 82: Man Babies and Chapter Naming

Men, if there was a 50/50 shot that you were the one that had to give birth, would you still want kids? How important are chapter names in a book? Plus, the love it or hate it lightning round!


 26 October 2019  19m

episode 81: Ball Pits and Thor's Hammer

Ball pits - can you trust them? Why do people like tea? You can summon any object to your hand, Thor's hammer style... what object do you choose?


 18 October 2019  28m

episode 80: Bad Sounds and Split Dicks

What's the worst sound to hear every morning? You have to bisect your penis - which direction do you make the cut? Should prisoners be allowed access to the internet?


 12 October 2019  18m

episode 79: Suppositories and Grave Robbing

Have you ever used a suppository? Does the volume of a snack deter you from eating it? Is grave robbing wrong? Could you raise a pig to eat it? Have you ever shaved to encourage hair growth?


 04 October 2019  33m

episode 78: Binge Watching and Hate

Is binge watching TV bad for you? What makes you say "... god I hate people"?


 19 September 2019  30m

episode 77: Divorce and Plant Pain

How many divorces is too many? Do plants feel pain? Do you drink tap water?


 31 August 2019  28m

episode 76: Bertnanas and Squash Heads

Would you rather hurt someone's feelings or have your own feelings hurt? Whats the new "oldest profession"? If you had a squash for a head, which squash would you choose? You have to be business partners with an animal - which animal do you choose?


 23 August 2019  30m

episode 75: Dowsing and Fighting Kids

Would you have an RFID chip installed in your finger? How many 4-year-olds could you fight off? Would you remove a finger for a disease free life? What's the best TV show about a radio station?


 08 August 2019  34m