STEMpunk Podcast hosted by Tom, Christie and Shane.

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Dr Katie Mack and Tom.In this episode, Tom interviews Dr Katie Mack, Cosmologist extraordinaire. "There's a lot to do in Cosmology and Particle Physics right now" - Dr Katie Mack We talked about STEM, Dark Energy, Dark Matter and other fundamental physics


 13 June 2016  46m


The menu at Wayward. We'll see you there on June 21!In this episode, Tom, Christie and Shane sit down at the wonderful Wayward Brewing Company, for a test run of the venue, the menu, the sound and also have a chat about Science Marketing. Boston Dynamics&


 06 June 2016  56m


Margaret WertheimTom interviews Margaret Wertheim, Author, Journalist, Science communicator, Artist...You name it! In this episode we talked about her Art/Science project Crochet Coral Reef from the Institute For Figuring, her book Physics on the Fringe a


 23 May 2016  59m


In this episode, Shane interviews Warwick Lawrence, production designer at the Science Works planetarium. Shane chats with Warwick about his work, STEM, astronomy, science engagement and story telling. A particularly interesting discussion since Warwick


 09 May 2016  37m


Sylvia with her galaxy hair and Tom with his no hair, in a lab!STEMteach1 is Tom's interview with STEM Teacher Silvia Choi. STEM education is fascinating area of discussion for this podcast. Silvia is a teacher in Sydney who has taken a break from teachin


 25 April 2016  47m


Tom interviews international STEM superstar Scott Daniel. Thanks so much to Scott for chatting with us. Scott has been involved in Science communication and education for over a decade and has been doing it all over the world.  Scott has a regular sc


 11 April 2016  44m


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 01 April 2016  45m


Nerd shirts, check. TARDIS check. QandA studios, check.We took the opportunity to have a discussion about other scientists  having a nationally broadcast discussion. After a brief intro where we did not know what we were talking about,


 16 March 2016  20m


From left: Doctor Karl (Taylor Swift) Tom Gordon , Shane Hengst & Chrsitie McmonigalWe're very excited about our interview with Doctor Karl Kruszelnicki. There were some classic Karl moments, and hopefully some nice take away messages and stories. We


 15 March 2016  46m


This is my interview with Bio-Hacker Meow-Ludo Meow-Meow. This is actually the second attempt at an interview with Meow and in this adventure we were on a quest to get some coffee. It got a bit windy in some places but I hope you'll agree, it's worth it t


 15 March 2016  21m