STEMpunk Podcast hosted by Tom, Christie and Shane.

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Well, it is not exactly rocket sci....,Actually, it IS exactly rocket sciencen = 58 In this episode, Tom interview Matthew D'Souza about the usual things as well as his recent win at the SpacePort America Cup.  This was a great episode with a young s


 30 September 2019  n/a


Shane, a microphone and Zeeshan.n = 57 What does Genetics, Boston, and being president have in common? In this episode of STEMpunk, Shane sits down with Zeeshan Siddiqui in chatting about his passions from his research in bioinformatics to inspirations ab


 17 September 2019  n/a

STEMpunk live: Planets and Parables

Dr Abigail Fraeman, Shane Hengst, Liz Landau, Tom Gordon, Dr Sarah Reeves.n = 56  On Tuesday 16 July 2019, STEMpunk went back to Wayward Brewery and were joined by special NASA guests for an evening of Planets and Parables. Dr Abigail Fraeman (Planet


 29 July 2019  n/a


n = 55 Action shot of Mitch being interviewed In this episode, Tom interviews Mitch Gibbs from the University of Sydney's School of Life and Environmental Science. Mitch studies Oysters and climate change. In Mitch's words, in this case, "climat


 02 July 2019  n/a


We started STEMpunk a couple of years ago, perhaps we should have done this sooner!n=54 This was a great episode, it was a chance for the STEMpunks (Tom, Christie and Shane) to talk about some really essential stuff like...  Who is our Audience? Rule


 20 May 2019  n/a


n=53 Annie Handmer. Historian, Philosopher, Sociologist, Ethicist, Scientist.In this episode, Tom interviews Annie Handmer from the University of Sydney's School of History and Philosophy of Science. Annie studies things such as international sc


 09 May 2019  n/a


Thumbs up Corey!n=52In this episode, Tom interviews rising star Corey Potter-Tutt. We talked a lot about indigenous Science, brain food, animals and their superpowers and Camelids!  A great episode where I feel like I learnt a lot from a different pe


 18 February 2019  n/a


Artists impression of Ivy Artist: Ivyn=51 In this episode, Tom interviews Science communicator and journalist Ivy Shih. We talked a lot about science journalism, which is really great as it is a different perspective to what we normally hear on this podca


 21 January 2019  n/a


Rachel Rayner...and BUBBLES!n=50 In this episode, Christie and Tom interview Science communicator brilliant person Rachel Rayner. We talk about where science and science communication can take you and some amazing places that Rachel has gone and some exce


 10 December 2018  n/a


Kat Ross with the little spidery looking MWAn=49 This is a fun episode with Astronomer Kat Ross. Kat has been working hard at astronomy, education, resources and Women in Physics and is doing really well getting the word out as far and wide as possib


 02 December 2018  n/a