STEMCAST with Dr. Reagan Flowers

The STEMcast Podcast is hosted by Dr. Reagan Flowers and is designed to inspire and advance STEM perspectives. Dr. Flowers interviews STEM + Art + Communications professionals from all walks of life and discusses the significance of C-STEM in their professional and personal life. You can expect a new episode each month with a complimentary newsletter.

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David Bartholomew III is a Director with Myrtle Consulting Group specializing in Organizational Effectiveness, Leadership Development, Management Operating Systems, Executive Coaching, Leadership Engagement, and Organizational Culture Change. He has...



Coding With a Twist with Sha'Rell Webb

Sha'rell Webb is the founder of Coding With a Twist,  an organization geared to increase the awareness of coding and robotics to the youth that reside in the Fifth Ward neighborhood.   In this episode we discuss: The launching of Coding...


 16 September 2019  43m

Building Smart Kids with Sofia Ivanka

Sofia Ivanka is an active philanthropist and founder of the nonprofit Building Smart Kids. She is the author of “Fourth Grade Math Rules” in 2009 and“Fifth Grade Math Rules” in 2011. Sofia is an ambassador for...


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Mental Health Match with Ryan Schwartz

Ryan Schwartz is the founder and creator of Mental Health Match. Ryan gives people a resource for finding a therapist in an easy and confidential way, while also removing the stigma associated with mental health. Taking elements from popular dating...


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A Career as a U.S. Marshal with Flora Gant Bridges

Flora Gant Bridges is a native of St. Louis, Missouri. She is employed by the Department of Justice - United States Marshals Service and holds the position of Chief Inspector. The United States Marshals Service is the oldest federal law enforcement...


 08 July 2019  48m

Going to Camp with Sunni Markowitz

Sunni Markowitz is a community leader and volunteer, academic researcher or mother, Sunni's career has been defined by a singular commitment to children. She is the founder and Executive Director of Camp Lantern Creek.   In this episode we...


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Responsible Recycling with Kelly Hess CEO of CompuCycle

Kelly Hess is the president and CEO of CompuCycle. CompuCycle provides strong environmental standards which maximize reuse and recycling, minimize exposure to human health or the environment, ensure safe management of materials by downstream...


 03 June 2019  25m

Financial Engineering with Zawadi Bryant

Zawadi Bryant as Chief Executive Officer for NightLight brings a wealth of business marketing and quality improvement experience. She is a graduate of Cornell University with a master’s degree in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering and an...


 13 May 2019  1h0m

Ascending in Leadership with Special Agent in Charge Perrye Turner

Special Agent in Charge Perrye K. Turner manages the FBI’s Houston Division.  Mr. Turner became a special agent with the FBI in 1991 and was assigned to the Birmingham Division, where he worked criminal investigative matters in the Huntsville...


 29 April 2019  39m

Creating a Safety Culture in the Workplace with William 'Jack' Jackson

William 'Jack' Jackson is a senior consultant with SafeStart who helps companies on creating a safe working environment for employees. Jack’s career has included working in production, operations and safety at Johnson Controls for 19 years,...


 15 April 2019  24m