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Stateside 8.11.2016

Today, we look at the not-so-readily-apparent social costs of the Flint water crisis. And we learn how dark money groups try to influence your vote.


 12 August 2016  48m

Stateside 8.10.2016

So often we hear people say, "Our immigration system is broken." But what exactly does that mean? In this State of Opportunity special, we hear answers to that question from various angles.


 11 August 2016  50m

Stateside 8.9.2016

Today, we talk about Donald Trump's speech Monday night in Detroit. And, we learn about a treatment method that could help opioid addicts overcome pain.


 09 August 2016  47m

Stateside 8.8.2016

Today, we look into what really happened after expanding Medicaid under Healthy Michigan. And, we hear about a new report scrutinizing the treasury department's role in the Flint water crisis.


 08 August 2016  48m

Stateside 8.5.2016

Today, we reflect on the life and career of Detroit musician Allan Barnes. And, we learn about the role Lake Michigan played in training WWII pilots.


 05 August 2016  49m

Stateside 8.4.2016

Today, we hear why two pediatricians say it's time to stop letting parents opt out of vaccinations. And we learn about a prehistoric fish that could be the answer to Asian carp in the Great Lakes.


 04 August 2016  49m

Stateside 8.3.2016

Today, we look at the Coney dog's history. And, we talk to a therapist who sets children's heartbeats to music, creating a lasting gift for families.


 03 August 2016  48m

Stateside 8.2.2016

Today, we learn why health insurance companies are looking to raise their rates 17%. And, we look at how Michigan's outdoor sports scene is changing.


 03 August 2016  45m

Stateside for 8.1.2016

Today, we hear how Better Life Bags in Hamtramck breaks down job barriers for women. And, we discuss why it's important to know exactly what type of plants and animals live on your land.


 01 August 2016  47m

Stateside 7.29.2016

Today, we continue our "Artisans of Michigan" series with a visit to a blacksmith shop. And, we hear how the Step Forward program can help homeowners avoid foreclosure.


 29 July 2016  49m