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Spectrum: Can you taste where a wine came from?

Volcanic soils, limestone bedrock, steep slate slopes — isn’t it lovely to imagine that the soil a fruit grows in has a direct impact on how it tastes? A trip through Germany’s wine country suggests otherwise.



Spectrum: Happiness, fear and our atmosphere

Our boiling hot planetary neighbor, Venus, might have once been similar to Earth. So are we headed toward a similar catastrophe? Also, how to be happy – regardless of what’s happening in the world around you.



Spectrum: Sex, cats and race

Germans are having less sex. Wherefore? The memories of a dead cat can’t be transferred to a new, cloned cat, can they? And why, according to German zoologists, should the word ‘race‘ be banned?



Spectrum: This is a conspiracy

Area 51, 9/11, the moon landing. Conspiracy theorists will happily tell you that only they know what truly happened. Is there a “vaccine” for this false information that spreads like a virus?


 17 September 2019  29m

Spectrum: Alexander von Humboldt is still alive

He was the most famous scientist in the world when he was alive. And then he was forgotten. Join us on the 250th birthday of scientist Alexander von Humboldt as we try (in vain) to summarize his achievements.


 10 September 2019  29m

Spectrum: Change yourself

A new romantic partner changes everything, doesn’t it? Not according to a study on Germans. Also, a streaming platform under fire, and what the sound of dogs, cats, and heroic music does to you.


 03 September 2019  29m

Spectrum: Intercourse and the art of communication

People who are good with emojis have more sex, but hold your emoji horses before trying to do the same. Also, winning coaches use negative language – and talking violence at the world's biggest video game event.


 27 August 2019  30m

Spectrum: Hands and feet

You know what's better than five fingers? Six. We look at this strange new research and talk to a "polydactyl" himself. Also, go barefoot, but then put some shoes on to meet a young German woman with "foot phobia."


 26 July 2019  29m

Spectrum: Science on the move

On the ground, up in the air, and in the belly of a barge — science is everywhere. Zip around with us to as we dip into batteries, inhale some helium and look inside a robot's brain.


 23 July 2019  29m

Spectrum: Do you want to live on the moon?

Look up at the moon when you get a chance. Because this will be the last decade where you can say, "There's no one up there right now." Join as we take a look at a barrage of lunar activity that'll happen in the next few years.


 16 July 2019  30m