South Figaro Podcast

The South Figaro Podcast features some of the most passionate fans from the Penny Arcade community gathering together to discuss the past, present, and future of the Final Fantasy series in addition to other similarly-themed games and topics. Listen in as we share fond memories and lingering criticisms of classic Final Fantasy games while also looking toward the future of the long-running RPG series. Occasional discussions including anime and movies may also follow.

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Episode 24: Go Go Podcast Ranters!

It's Minglin' Time! Five adults with attitude come together to discuss the latest happenings, from Final Fantasy XIV's best/worst update ever to the mature (labeled) changes happening with certain franchises and the not-so-mature depictions of others. Pl


 28 February 2015  4h11m

Episode 22: Anime Spoilercast 5 (Sword Art Online I+II)

We tackle one of the most popular (and heavily criticized) series in recent years by covering the animated entirety of Sword Art Online. Do cultural differences make up for poor writing (no)? Are there any legitimate high points to be found in this serie


 19 February 2015  2h30m

Episode 23: Dissidia Final Fantasy

Fencingsax and Stilts join me for a brief bit of speculation of the newly announced Dissidia game (and a briefer retrospective of the first two) while also discussing which new characters should be included in the upcoming Final Fantasy free-for-all. Whe


 19 February 2015  1h25m

Episode 21: Moly-Blues

It's another anything-goes extravaganza. ThatDudeOverThere continues to be smitten by Smite, LockedOnTarget promotes a new YouTube channel (several times), Fencingsax runs a little late and Blue Map relays some kind words about his favorite developer Pet


 14 February 2015  3h53m

Episode 20: The Compilation of Final Fantasy VII

LockedOnTarget rejoins the crew from the previous episode (Fencingsax, Adus and Renzo) to discuss the sequels, spin-offs and prequels of Final Fantasy VII. Listen in as we discuss heated topics like fanservice versus narrative consistency, Square's short


 05 February 2015  3h5m

Episode 19: Anime Spoilercast 4 (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

Somestickguy brings a friend along as we discuss the currently running Anime adaption of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. How many memes can we reference in one episode, and how long can you withstand busting out a fabulous pose?


 04 February 2015  1h26m

Episode 18: Final Fantasy VII

You read that right: Adus, Renzo and Fencingsax join me in waxing nostalgic about a game that came out over 17 years ago and is still discussed like it came out yesterday. It's an honest-to-goodness celebration of the single most definitive RPG of all ti


 29 January 2015  2h58m

Episode 17: Anime Spoilercast 3 (Your Lie in April)

Anime bingewatcher Somestickguy comes back to talk about his up-to-date thoughts on the bizzarly titled but brilliantly presented "Your Lie in April". Also, I caution Stick on the danger of watching Evangelion half-asleep and hear his early episode impre


 28 January 2015  1h19m

Episode 16: Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, Oy!

It's a six-person open discussion this week as I check in on ThatDudeOverThere's progress on Final Fantasy VII, I praise Freedom Planet while sighing over the legal hilarity surrounding the Sonic comic series, Fencingsax talks about world-shattering comi


 23 January 2015  3h9m

Episode 15: Anime Spoilercast (Test)

Recorded last December, somestickguy decides to bring up Anime, and the two of us begin the first of what may potentially be a routine check-in on the latest Anime shows.


 20 January 2015  47m