Sonic The Comic The Podcast

with Dave Bulmer and Chris McFeely

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#10 - Ninjas are wimps, man!

Join the gear, fab, groovy chaps as Bob Beaky battles the malignant Megatox, Aladdin looks exactly like Aladdin, and we finally reach the first episode of DECAP ATTACK! *?@$%, it's a goodun!



#9 - Robotnik Rules!

Sonic and friends emerge six months into the future to find an Emerald Hill Zone occupied by a new breed of soldier Badnik. Plus: Kid Chameleon becomes Cyclops, Sonic CD is coming, and Wonder Boy moves on. But first, we have to deal with the sad news.




That's right! It's the one you've been waiting for: Kintobor's terrible error! We've pulled out all the stops to present the story to you. Plus! Woolies, Hubba Bubba, and Hasselhoff thinks lifeguards are the closest a human can get to being a dolphin.


 16 August 2019  1h35m

#7 - Ambushed by Equus - With Abby Bulmer (@abbyryder)

In this *great* issue, we meet Richard Elson & Super Sonic, Kid Chameleon swaps sunglasses for samurai armour and Mark Millar's Streets of Rage adaptation perfectly anticipates his career. Plus! Sonic has a woggle & Grimomen has an arse on the front.


 02 August 2019  1h28m

#6 - Currently the sexiest dolphin

Fleetway provide a handy jumping-off point for STC readers this issue! Chris rebels against them in a big way. Sonic sinks the Death Egg, bravely brave Shinobi faces the Neo Zeed, Golden Axe is axed and Wonder Boy tries the jukebox at the Shame Inn.


 19 July 2019  1h17m

#5 - A Little Old Hat! With Abby Denton (@mizabitha)

Some bacon kidnaps Tails, we meet Amy Rose and her hair, Captain Picard hits people with a stick, Wonder Boy meets the Omni Viewer, Chris is FURIOUS and Dave is tiny. What the holly-golly is this? It's Sonic the Comic the Podcast!


 05 July 2019  1h20m

#4 - Megadroid's Terrible Secret

Sonic gets turned into a Badnik, Shinobi fights the Monkey King, CG finally matches real life, Dark Guld awakens and Wonder Boy does some stuff. I hope you like this podcast, cause we can't stoppy!


 21 June 2019  1h23m

#3 - Real Finger-riggin' humpin' pumpin' stuff

If you forgot your Megadrive at a bus stop, what's the worst that could happen? Did anyone actually want joysticks for their MD? How many prickles are ok for a balloon? Come back to 1993 with us and find out. "BIG ATTACK!"


 07 June 2019  1h5m

2: Mark Millar's Sonic the Hedgehog

Tails is a cyborg, Damon Hill is a racing driver, Night Trap is a video nasty, Shinobi is looking for his lady love, Steve O'Donnell is from Bottom, the Old Crone loves rotting and Wonder Boy is also here. Theme tune by


 24 May 2019  1h32m

Episode 1: Enter: Sonic (the Comic (the Podcast))

When Sonic had only one sequel, Robotnik had no other name and Knothole was not whole, there was the British Sonic comic. Come back to 1993 with us and find out how Sonic rolled in his earliest days. Plus Golden Axe, Shinobi and more. It's retro-orbital!


 06 May 2019  1h22m
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