So You're In Seattle

I'm like asking questions about people who do cool stuff in Seattle.

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SYIS Short - Walter Jones

Short is a funny thing to put before mentioning Walter Jones - he's a big man...


 28 August 2019  14m

094 - Walt

Walt is the newest host on 107.7 The End! While most of us here have only ever really pursued one career - radio - Walt took a break to do something that most kids from Macomb, IL, would ever dream of - touring the world in band! What a great addition to The End. Enjoy this talk and enjoy Walt weekdays 3-7p.


 20 August 2019  45m

094 - Hannah Ferguson

I met Hannah when following up with Brian Morris (ep 86) with a visit to ZakLabs - a creative workspace for cos-play. An array of humans were cutting, painting, forming, and laughing as they sculpted designs for an upcoming convention...


 13 August 2019  55m

092 - Barns Courtney

Barns Courtney has roots here in Seattle but he has grown and that brain of his is quick! We jump right in and things get naughty right out of the gate, so, put on your adult ears... you've been warned. Our shirtless wonder will answer the important questions:  Is it as small as they say it is? Where are all your muscles? Was that smell you?? See Barns in October at Neumos!


 30 July 2019  37m

091 - Mike Siebert on Transformers

Mike is not only a veteran of KGRG, host of the Mike Siebert Radio Podcast, but he's also crazy about Transformers - like travel to Toronto to go to a Transformers convention. He also brings that passion home and with CybFest NW 2019 looming like Unicron over Cybertron, he's here to get us fired up for our own PNW Transformers convention! More at


 22 July 2019  1h3m

090 - J GRGRY

Everything I knew about Joe (J GRGRY) I learned from Twitter and one episode of Locals Only that he joined Steven Graham for at 1077 The End. Shirtless, covered in pink paint and makeup, he had my attention, but in a very specific feeling of intrigue. Jo


 08 June 2017  34m

089 - Casey McLain

He's the former host of the Offspeed Podcast and we've been going back and forth for a year until he's finally here now to do Our Dumb Podcast... only this is So, You're In Seattle... awkward. We dive into the world of insane baseball statistics and talk


 17 May 2017  49m


From the ashes of bands like Girl on Fire we see the genesis of GOLDNWOLF a trio of musicians all from a shared background making new music in the darkness of the longest Seattle winter ever. Employing a different approach, these gentlemen are releasing


 10 May 2017  29m

087 Kelly McDonald

Under the big-top tent at Marymoor Park, Cirque du Soleil creates a magical world that feels like you've been taken to space aboard an alien craft equal parts the future and Mexican past. It's 'Luzia' and it features a girl flying through the air that gr


 19 April 2017  17m

086 - Brian Morris

When you cross paths with someone who has lived a career that keeps that magical creative spark alive, it's important to take a moment to savor the experience. Brian makes his career as a photographer, but his passion is for designing costumes, props, an


 14 April 2017  53m