Shift: Living in the Digital Age

Can I use blockchain technology? Will artificial intelligence take over my career? What exactly is "Machine Learning"? These are some of the questions „SHIFT – Living in the Digital Age“ tries to answer. The program focuses on a single topic – in depth and in detail. We talk to experts, present the key facts and explain complicated subjects in a simple manner. SHIFT – substantial, never superficial.,,30417,00.html?maca=en-podcast_shift_en-7877-xml-mrss

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Big Data in medicine

Doctors at Berlin's Charité University Hospital utilize big data both to diagnose and to treat diseases. They feed tumor markers into a global data bank, and compile recommendations for therapy.



Five ways to help protect

Streaming videos online or buying a DVD. Hard copy or the cloud. Paper book or ebook. Which is better for the environment: the digital or the offline option? Environmental economist Steffen Lange has the answers.


 22 February 2019  2m

3D printing: opportunities and risks

Printing your own spare parts instead of throwing things away - 3D printing is sustainable. However, weapons can also easily be made at home - a dangerous aspect of 3D printing. Do the benefits outweigh the risks?


 15 February 2019  2m

How do 3D printers work?

3D printers can use two very different techniques. However, they have one thing in common: The material used in the printer must be liquifiable. Nozzles then apply the liquid one tiny layer at a time.


 15 February 2019  2m

A Digital Alter Ego at a Click

The academic-turned-businesswoman Veronica Orvalho has created software called My Didimo that enables anyone to create an avatar that can speak and move in a virtual world at a click and in just a few seconds.


 14 January 2019  5m

Love in the Age of Trump

Political views are playing an increasingly important part in selecting a partner. The US now even has dating sites aimed exclusively at affiliates of a certain party or conviction.


 17 December 2018  3m

Programming for girls in Cape Town

Baratang Miya of South Africa teaches girls coding through her Girlhype initiative. She hopes to bring more South African women into tech occupations and give them a chance at a better future.


 13 November 2018  1m

Avatar as digital twin

From university lecturer to successful entrepreneur: Portugal-based Veronica Orvalho has developed software that can create a 3D personal avatar using a smart phone scan almost instantly. Her start-up Didimo is a hit.


 22 October 2018  1m

Diet Prada reveals plagiarism in the fashion industry

The duo behind the Diet Prada Instagram account dedicate their time to exposing the fashion industry’s copycat culture. And now, they have even launched their own ironic accessory collection.


 15 October 2018  0m

Inevitable: How to deal with trolls?

Trolls take over online discourse and are out to offend, often making life miserable for other users. SHIFT shows how to deal with them.


 08 October 2018  1m