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If you're looking for *quick* and succinct tips on how to podcast, grow your audience, and monetize your show this is NOT the show for you. Will you get all that from this show? Absolutely! And a lot more, but not in way you expect. This show is a personality driven show hosted by powerhouses and podcasting industry experts Jessica Kupferman and Elsie Escobar (supported by their producer John.) They will give you insightful, wise, expert advice about all aspects about the podcasting industry, from advertising and sponsorships, to the latest and greatest microphones and workflows, to how the podcasting industry is failing and thriving. You will also get the reality of what it takes to podcast as working from home women and moms running their own businesses and supporting a vibrant community of women podcasters nearing 10k members. If you don't like chit chat, banter and feeling like you're hanging out with Elsie and Jess at their kitchen table (or eavesdropping on them) while they drop some brilliant wisdom about podcasting (and possibly 800 other subjects), go ahead and save yourself some time and move along now

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episode 251: She Podcasts Favorite Things 2019

If you can get through all the pee, diaper, coughing and growing old talk at the beginning of the episode do we have a fun favorite things episode aka the gift guide! (Oh yes, and sorry about Jess’s coughing.) We go all in on all the gorgeous,...



episode 250: Do You Live In Podcasting Town?

This time thankful for not being completely incontinent right out of the gate, we give you insider info into all kinds of awesome saving for Podfest and the She Podcasts Live Virtual Ticket - but the main chunk of content is discussing what it really...



episode 249: Who's Eating Their Panties?

Opening up as if it’s a Thanksgiving episode but…nope! Because of mold and other things like, making sure that you mute yourself before you burp, Apple hiring a podcasting content team? Spotify’s awesome strategy to address habits and behavior,...



episode 248: Selling Without Feeling Like A Dork And Other Things

Elsie intros the special bonus Q&A with the Apple’s latest email to podcasters and her use of the app Forecast, then we get to Jess answering a bunch of questions about dynamic ad campaigns, when you’re ready for sponsorship, what if you hate...



episode 248: Depressing Birthdays And Social Media Is Not Public Discourse

What happens when Elsie and Jess allow for natural consequences in their families? Sadness? Anger? Which brings us to how one podcasting industry dude celebrated a 5th birthday in the space. Frustrated? Elsie has you covered on that one as she...



episode 247: Hogging All The Data

A not so quick family Halloween update, a way to help new podcasters (from PRX and Google,) a Spotify app for kids, talking about downloads vs reach, who gets podcast data and weird and wild show of the week is back! Send us your feedback, email...


 04 November 2019  47m

episode 246: Calmer, More Zen and Thank You

We record via Streamyard today! And John shares how much he loves it. A bit of insight into the Zoom L–8. Those of you that love data we go in deep into the research that Edison brought over to She Podcasts Live all about women listening to...


 28 October 2019  44m

episode 245: After She Podcasts Live

Elsie LET GO and danced like no one was watching, find out why it hasn’t happened before. She Podcasts Live was AAAAAAAMMMMMAAAAAZZZINNNNGGGGGG and you’ll get to hear exactly how Elsie and Jess felt - and it’s not exactly what y’all might...


 21 October 2019  46m

episode 244: The Birth of She Podcasts

We revisit how She Podcasts came to be as we start the historical She Podcasts Live week! Many of you haven’t heard this story, and many of you may not even know Jess and Elsie (I mean…) but after this episode, you will be able to win at a She...


 07 October 2019  56m

episode 243: Where Do We Put The Mermaid?

You want BTS, we do have BTS! It’s the only way that we can function lately. Get into the the real deal every day life of what it takes to have She Podcasts Live actually come to life. Not for the faint of heart, people! Also, what do mermaids have...


 30 September 2019  38m