Selfie Sunday

Selfie Sunday is a comedy podcast run by the one and only Pat Guilherme and Kyle O'Brien. Clever, hilarious, insightful... the perfect selfie to end your week

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h4m. Bisher sind 45 Folge(n) erschienen. Dieser Podcast erscheint alle 3 Wochen


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49 - Dracula Beach Party

Tonight on Selfie Sunday... After some lost episodes and failed takes due to faulty equipment, Selfie is back! Kyle and John are no where to be found, so Sean "The Bully" Kinsky starts to make moves for a takeover. Pat struggles with life problems, Sean picks up a new weekend gig from 5-7, and as soon as a robot can walk around with a knife, we're fucked. Together, we can bring clouds home - Pat Guilherme / Paul Rudd 2020. And how could anyone forget a Dracula Beach Party?.....


 15 April 2019  51m

48 - I Only Swiped Right For Your Dog48 - I Only Swiped Right For Your Dog

Tonight on Selfie Sunday... NEW SELFIE NEW US! With mimosas in hand the Dudes are back... finally. Everyone is getting Bandersnatch'd, leveling up, and is griping all over Mario's stupid party throwing face. Kyle witnesses a fight, Pat has a really cute asshole, and the two discover they missed the Harvest Moon festival. So plant your fucking tree and mind your business, cause the Irish Knee is coming back to the Super Dome...


 16 January 2019  1h13m

47 - You Can Trust Me, I Made You With My Dick (feat. Hannah Odgers)

Tonight on Selfie Sunday... Pat and Jeffe push onwards without Kyle this week (he's a real cool guy at a real cool concert), and in his absence things get weird. John scores an actual goal, Pat wins over a stranger, and Buu the cat stops in to plug her newest money making scheme. Selfie welcomes special guest Hannah Odgers to the show, and has a few unexpected visitors from Boston's very own town of Sonkhonkett...


 25 February 2018  1h9m

46 - Molestation is a Touchy Subject

Tonight, on Selfie Sunday... The Dudes have been bamboozled! Jeffe McDonough is not with us tonight. So google uses this as her chance to shine. Kyle gets into a car accident, Pat goes on a cleanse, and John has a conversation with John. We get a look into the top 5 worst text messages to receive, and sit down to discuss the Last Jedi...


 28 January 2018  1h7m

45 - Shame Makes You Immortal

Tonight on Selfie Sunday... Fabulous and Lucious, The Dudes and Jeffe welcome on a new cast member to the Selfie team. Kyle becomes a Lyft driver, John meets Inspector Gadget, and Pat talks about his new job being a mystifier of mysticals. Jazz Garbage, Incense Man, Johnny Kanakakey and more await tonight.... on #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture


 12 January 2018  1h4m

44 - Everyone's Biggest Problem is Hemorrhoids

Tonight on Selfie Sunday... The Dudes discuss the dividing line between a coma and not a real coma on Selfie Sunday's first ever #ComaWatch. John masters sand, Kyle goes to spin class, and Pat ruins a girls life. Join us as we get the deets on WhoMageddon, the evolution of fish, and the latest table top craze: Barbarians and Bards. That and so much more tonight... on #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture


 30 November 2017  1h4m

43 - B.F.C. (Big Friendly Chihuahua)

Tonight on Selfie Sunday... Shut the fuck up, I made you food, be thankful! The Dudes and Jeffe have barely got pants to poop in tonight folks. Kyle has a run in with an alpha male at the Griffith Observatory and Pat discovers an interest in anal bleaching. Together, Selfie gets down to the bottom of this whole airline food debacle and address other fan suggested topics! That and so much more tonight.....


 19 August 2017  1h18m

42 - Is Defcon a Convention for Deaf People?

Tonight on a very JEFFE special Selfie Sunday... THAT'S RIGHT FOLKS! John JEFFE McDonough is BACK in the Selfie Sunday Studio! Join the entire Selfie family as Pat gets naked on Instagram LIVE, Kyle has another encounter with his psychic, and the gang pitches Pixar's newest cinematic masterpiece, "The Unprotected Nut". Street hustlers, dried out skin flaps, Trumplestillskin, and soooooooo much more tonight... on #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture


 02 July 2017  59m

41 - I Can't Tell If It's Foam Or Vodka (Facebook LIVE stream)

Tonight on Selfie Sunday... We have ourselves a LIVE STREAM!! The Dudes tackle their first attempt at live streaming the show. Kyle meets a crystal lusting psychic, Pat gets an eye full of chip shrapnel, and are you a real hockey fan? Or just a wannabe? Learn about deadly deodorant, enjoy a spoken lyrical rendition of Ginuwine's 'Pony', and learn the truth behind Woody O'Brien. That and much much more tonight... on #SelfieSunday #MoreThanJustAPicture


 24 April 2017  1h37m

40 - Is Dane Cook Good At Giving Head? (feat. Janine Hogan)

Tonight on Selfie Sunday... The Dudes team up with The Kinks, who apparently gets an intro now, and welcome the incredible Janine Hogan to the podcast! Brought to you by the shitty wires of Freestyles, dagger dancing, Ol' Smooth Thumb and THE RETURN of The Fuck Patch only scrape the surface of this Selfie journey. Pat gets drunk and knocks shit over, Janine drops some sick bars, and Kyle is apparently a Lima Bean? And I know you're asking yourself......


 12 March 2017  1h30m