Scene Play

We do cinematic, improv-heavy storygaming. Every several episodes comprise an arc, a single continuous story. Each arc uses a new system, or framework to improvise in, and is made up of a new cast. We like: Swashbuckling, Feelings, and The End of Things. It's all quite fun.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 52m. Bisher sind 54 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast


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Episode 49: Boy Problems - CRJ

Wherein Tucker forgets the name of one of his three characters, Nut Rambus gives a pep talk, and New Kid gets a name.



Episode 48: Boy Problems - The Great Rapsby

Wherein Nut Rambus makes his debut on the show, Ctrl-X reveals her fear of water, and Roland throws Ctrl-X over water.


 31 October 2019  46m

Episode 47: Lasers and Feelings - The Star Dreadnought

Wherein we find out which sibling Jessica had a thing with, Fast Eddie finally gets a child of his own, and Bruno Mars learns valuable life lessons


 10 October 2019  47m

Episode 46: Lasers and Feelings - Statooine Island

Fast Eddy ziplines some, Jessica Blazer shows off her wadrobe, and Janet is stays in the house.


 25 September 2019  56m

BONUS: A Tumbleweed-Human Hybrid

Wherein Nelly makes the scariest creatures imaginable, Ron/Jeremy is obsessed with a two-party system, and Tucker is generally ominous.


 27 January 2019  3h21m

Episode 45: A Safe and A Spring - Too Much

Wherein Brett finds his inner star, Grace shows off her footwear, and Rebecca orders people around


 28 November 2018  56m

Episode 44: A Safe and A Spring - SteaLeo's Hair

Wherein Brett is denied plantains, Lucy learns that Leo doesn't brush his hair, and Kayla does murder.


 14 November 2018  1h22m

Episode 43: The Final Voyage of the Selene - You Can Leave Now

Wherein Kazarian takes dance lessons, Ital gives Bahk a gift, and Pryce sets off a bomb.


 31 October 2018  48m

Episode 42: The Final Voyage of the Selene - The Statue Dance

Wherein Inspector Ital wants to do art on Wall Street, Chief Pryce drinks on the job, and we don't know if Artiste is Bahk's title or first name.


 18 October 2018  41m

Episode 41: Epyllion - The Forge

Wherein Quill gets burned a bunch, Morning crows victory, and also we try to destroy Hylith's Heart.


 04 October 2018  1h7m