Saving the Game

A Christian tabletop and roleplaying game podcast

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episode 101: STG 163 - Collaboration Part Two (Electric Boogaloo)

With Grant out again for chaotic work-related reasons, Jenny and Peter are collaborating again—this time on setting material for Peter's new D&D game! First, though, we answer a Patreon question from Douglas Underhill, who asks us "If you statted yourse...



episode 100: Safety and Bleed with Dr. Sarah Lynne Bowman

Professor, researcher, leading thinker in the psychology of RPGS both tabletop and LARP, and contributor to the first college textbook on RPGs Dr. Sarah Lynne Bowman joins us for a second time (we first spoke to Sarah back in episode 111) to discuss mor...



episode 99: STG 161 - Historical Games (with Daniel Kwan)

Creative professional and storyteller Daniel Kwan joins us on this episode to talk about gaming in historical settings! Daniel is a former museum historian, a game designer at Dundas West Games, and co-host of the Asians Represent podcast. He works to s...


 17 September 2019  1h1m

episode 98: STG 160 - The Tenth Commandment (The Ten Commandments, Part 10)

  Our Ten Commandments series finally wraps up this episode, and we end it on a high note! (Yes, even despite the episode going up a day late.) We've got a bit of a preview of an upcoming discussion to start with, as Grant's kicking off a game of Offworl...


 04 September 2019  1h6m

episode 97: STG 159 - We Built This City on Rock and Wool

Grant's out on vacation in lovely Myrtle Beach, SC this week, so Jenny and Peter tackle a special project—working together to create a unique setting centerpiece for a game Jenny will be running at her library! First, we answer a question from Patreon su...


 20 August 2019  54m

episode 96: STG 158 - Breaking Down a GM's First Game (with Krissi Woodward)

Guest—and possible honorary host—Krissi Woodward joins us this episode to break down her first time running a tabletop roleplaying game! Krissi ran a very successful arc of World of Darkness: Innocents for our gaming group and was willing to discuss tha...


 06 August 2019  1h21m

episode 95: Episode 157 - Bearing False Witness (The Ten Commandments, Part 9)

We're nearing the end of our Ten Commandments series! This episode tackles lying—or as the Ten Commandments are commonly translated, "bearing false witness." First, though, Peter talks a bit about his entry in the World Anvil worldbuilding contest; we d...


 23 July 2019  1h1m

episode 94: STG 156 - Treasure Without Theft

This week's topic is a sort of follow-up to our latest episode in our Ten Commandments series, except it's also entirely City On A Hill Gaming's fault, we promise! We're talking about how to make treasure and wealth in your games exciting and unique wit...


 09 July 2019  1h20m

episode 93: STG 155 - Unwritten Rules (with Geek at Arms)

Bryan and Mike from the Geek at Arms podcast join us this week to talk about the unwritten rules at our gaming tables (and elsewhere in our lives!) Geek at Arms is an excellent, thoughtful podcast in the geeky faith space and we're delighted to have two...


 25 June 2019  1h30m

episode 92: STG 154 - Theft (The Ten Commandments, Part Eight)

Oh, hey, guess who's back! That's right—Grant rejoins Peter and Jenny back on the mics. (And thank you, seriously, for everyone who reached out or who prayed for me. It's really appreciated. – G.) We pick up our Ten Commandments series with the Eight Com...


 11 June 2019  1h11m