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Volume 1 Issue 13 – Ampersands & Alliteration

This week we welcome special guest Jeff Grubb! Jeff started at TSR in 1982, where he contributed to the Monster Manual II and Unearthed Arcana, and wrote The Manual of the Planes. Within the D&D universe, Jeff is also known for helping to create both t...


 13 April 2010  1h49m

Volume 1 Issue 12 – Scrolls From Greyhawk

This week is devoted to the tales of the cleric Thane, and the introduction of a brand new diary from the mysterious Deirdre. 01:59 Thane, shipwrecked 08:06 Deneb 14:53 Thane and Deneb depart 19:56 Deirdre, shipwrecked DMs Vince, Jayson,


 07 April 2010  26m

Volume 1 Issue 11 – Girdles & Golems

In this issue, we talk about: Poison in AD&D – too complicated, or too simple? Playing Tips – Interrogation; not with a Paladin around? The Dragon’s Hoard – Girdle of Femininity / Masculinity Creature Feature Theater – Golems!


 23 March 2010  1h36m

volume 1 Issue 10 – Luddites & Laptops

In issue 10, we dive into the mailbag and the phonebag to answer some questions about laptops at the table, magic spells underwater, and whether Jayson sounds like Sheldon from some television show he’s never seen before.


 16 March 2010  1h19m

Voume 1 Issue 8 – Populating Cities, the Disenchanter, Henchmen/hirelings

Hey all!  We want to know what you guys do to populate cities and towns. Plus, how would YOU use the disenchanter? Henchmen and hirelings: what’s your strategy? Let’s hear it folks!


 05 March 2010  59m

Volume 1 Issue 9 – Insanity Rules

Issue # 9! We are back, bringing you the very best in AD&D 1E! On the slate this week, we talk about the Rust Monster


 04 March 2010  53m

Volume 1 Issue 7 – Encumbrance

Join the DMs this week as they bring a small updated, and go into the letters in Sage Advice and then Stickler’s spot light talking about, Encumbrance rules. Blackstone’s second segment is included as well! Sit back and enjoy


 26 February 2010  46m

Volume 1 Issue 6 – We’re Back!!

After a small break we are back! In sage advice we answer some emails, feature 1 we talk about Divine intervention, in the Creature Feature we speak of Flolites, Playing Tips we talk about DMs bringing in new players to an already running campaign,


 30 December 2009  1h19m

Volume 1 Issue 5 – Design me something on grading your players and an interview segment with S&W developer Matthew Finch. Enjoy everyone! Happy New Year!


 29 December 2009  1h20m

Volume 1 Issue 4 – Research me a wish!

Another episode of RFI comes to you this week, as YOUR X-Mas gift! Listen in as DM Vincent and Jayson go through the game you loved to play


 25 December 2009  1h39m