RFS: The Devil's Mischief

The Devil's Mischief is a one-hour comedy & novelty internet radio show, with an emphasis on material that the DJ deems to be "not for the masses". It is one of many fine shows brought to you through radiofreesatan.com


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 45m. Bisher sind 48 Folge(n) erschienen. Dieser Podcast erscheint alle 3 Wochen


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The Devil’s Mischief #631 – Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Grab some candy and celebrate as Bill M. takes you on a ghoulish adventure of netherworld nostalgia, the family television, dedications to the dead, and 13 special Halloween novelty tracks.



The Devil’s Mischief #630

  Not many know of the secret performance GEORGE CARLIN gave just outside of Los Angeles on 6/6/06. Hear previously unreleased routines from that night, plus the classic comedy antics of SPENCER & SPENCER.      



The Devil’s Mischief #629

Hear a whole lot of religion-bashing comedy from DAVE ALLEN! Also DOUG STANHOPE, prank calls from JIM FLORENTINE and DON JAMIESON, and more!    


 11 October 2019  31m

The Devil’s Mischief #628

Before Dave Chappelle, before Eddie Murphy, before Richard Pryor, there was REDD FOXX! Hear some of his blasphemous stand-up from back in the day, plus long lost 1970s stand-up from GEORGE WALLACE, and a 1970s interview and some of the earliest HBO per...


 09 September 2019  39m

The Devil’s Mischief #627

Hear a special selection of comedy and novelty in commemoration of the 50th anniversaries of both the moon landing and of Woodstock. EDDIE IZZARD, JONATHAN WINTERS, BILL HICKS, WILLIAM SHATNER, and more!  


 02 August 2019  31m

The Devil’s Mischief #626

Hear old-time novelty from the classically controversial BENNY BELL, along with 21st century stand-up selections from PATTON OSWALT’s “Talking for Clapping”.  


 19 July 2019  30m

The Devil’s Mischief #625

NICK DI PAOLO brings an onslaught of politically incorrect comedy with his brand new comedy special, the appropriately titled “A Breath of Fresh Air”. Hear excerpts from that, along with a frank talk on the 2019 political-comedy zeitgeist from JAMIE KI...


 12 July 2019  33m

The Devil's Mischief #624

Is Bill still alive? Why, yes! Hear brand new, exclusive comedy from BOBCAT GOLDTHWAIT and DANA GOULD, currently on tour together. Also stand-up from TONY V. and some netherworld novelty too.  


 05 June 2019  1h3m

The Devil's Mischief #623: The Stuff of Tree-Fiddy Calls You

We may be long past episode #350, but it's time to celebrate the 20th anniversary of SOUTH PARK'S "Tree Fiddy!" Also hear rare GEORGE CARLIN, along with comedy from EMO PHILIPS, the prank calls of TOM MABE,


 17 April 2019  48m

The Devil's Mischief #622

Time for some D&D! No, not Dungeons and Dragons. Dara & Doug! Hear hilarious selections from DARA O'BRIAIN's 2012 "Craic Dealer" comedy special, including debunking TV psychic Sally Morgan. Also tracks from our misanthropic hero DOUG STANHOPE.


 20 February 2019  36m