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A hairy idea - Using roadkill for fashion

Pamela Paquin wants to transform the fur industry. The U.S. designer uses roadkill to make fur accessories. Could this be the new chic?


 27 April 2019  12m

The Gambia: Isatou and the Paralympics

Isatou Nyang from the Gambia was born with an impairment to both legs and gets about in a wheelchair. She's physically disabled but she is also a top level athlete. Isatou is hoping to represent the Gambia at the Paralympic Games - for a second time.


 20 April 2019  12m

Formula Racing: A Female Driver Chases the Dream

Motorsports are one of the last male domains — a checkered ceiling 18-year-old Sophia Flörsch is out to break. And she won't let her crash in a Formula 3 race in Macau slow her down. Her dream is to become Formula 1 world champion.


 06 April 2019  12m

Reporter - Reporter - Turning Junk heaps into Vintage Beauties

Ivan and Zoran are brothers from rural Swabia. They're auto-mechanics with a passion for restoring junked cars as high-priced vintage beauties. They find plenty of dilapidated vehicles on the junkyards of Croatia, their mother's native land.


 30 March 2019  12m

Reporter - MH370: Five Years of Uncertainty

Five years ago flight MH370, bound for Beijing, disappeared from radar screens. To this day no one knows what happened to the plane or where its wreckage is to be found. Jiang Hui's mother was on board. He's fighting for the investigation to resume.


 09 March 2019  12m

Meet Germany's First Robot Lecturer

Jürgen Handke is known as a pioneer of digital teaching methods. The German professor has an unusual assistant: a humanoid robot named Yuki.


 23 February 2019  12m

When Love Knows No Bounds

Samah is a Syrian refugee, Klaus is a German pensioner. The two got married three years ago. But not everyone accepts their unusual relationship.


 16 February 2019  12m

Crime and punishment - Russia's young offenders

Vadim is one of 70 teenagers who live in a boarding school in the village of Serafimovka in the Ural mountains. None of them are here voluntarily. The school is a re-education facility for juvenile offenders.


 02 February 2019  12m

Reporter - Snow chaos in the Alps

Austria is snowed under -- to the delight of skiers and the horror of homeowners. Even older Austrians are amazed by the amount of snow that’s fallen in a matter of days. Soldiers, firefighters and volunteers are helping in the most affected areas.


 19 January 2019  12m

The Striezelmarkt in Dresden

Conjuring up the perfect Christmas spirit is hard work for those working at Dresden's Striezelmarkt Christmas market. Then there are all the concerns about security.


 22 December 2018  12m