Release Notes

Release Notes is a weekly podcast about building online businesses and financial freedom. We discuss inspiration, design, marketing, promotion, business, trends, and tools – everything but the code. Each week, we cover topics for the new or curious independent developer looking to launch or grow online business. Whether your business is SaaS, desktop software, mobile apps, consulting, or a productized service, here you’ll find tips for success as well as warnings about the pitfalls we’ve encountered along the way. The show is hosted by Charles Perry, owner of RelaNet, and Joe Cieplinski, Creative Director of Bombing Brain Interactive.

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#342: Apologies Are Cheap

Today we continue catching up on what’s going on in our businesses. This time we focus on Charles and RelaNet. Charles talks about a problem he’s having with onboarding new customers and gets Joe’s ideas on how to fix it,



#341: I Don’t Care if You Choose to Accept It

Today we begin catching up with Joe and Charles about their individual businesses. We start off with Joe and talk to him about a long term contract that he’s been working on, progress that he’s made on his own mobile apps,



#340: Tell Them It’s a Magic Keyboard

Today we talk about the newly released 16-inch MacBook Pro and our thoughts on this update. We talk keyboards, Touch Bars, design compromises, and discuss whether Charles or Joe is going to buy one of these new laptops.



#339: I Don’t Want to Support This

Today we conduct a “therapy session” for Charles as he tries to decide whether to continue development of the home-grown client portal he uses for his RelaNet clients, or whether it would be better to use a third-party solution and use the time that is...



#338: Drinking Guinness and Shaking Hands

Today Joe fills us in on a recent trip that he took to Ireland for the Belfast International Homecoming, a conference he got connected with through his networking efforts in New York. It’s an interesting story of attending a non-tech conference,


 04 November 2019  33m

#337: A Little Worse Off

Today we continue our discussion of macOS Catalina and whether and how Charles should update from Sierra. (Yes, Sierra.) We discuss the sort of zombie state that Adobe Creative Suite 6 has been left in since it is a mix of 32-bit and 64-bit executables...


 28 October 2019  28m

#336: I’ve Got a Lot of Nos

Today we talk about technology upgrades – specifically, we’re talking about iOS 13 and macOS Catalina. Charles had avoided both upgrades for a quite a while, and today he’s sharing the story of how he was auto-updated to iOS 13 at an inopportune moment...


 21 October 2019  34m

#335: I Want to Say, Corpse?

Today we take look back at Release Notes 2019, mere days after the event, and consider what went well, what could have gone better, and the overall experience of hosting a conference in Mexico. And no, we have no new products to announce at this time.


 14 October 2019  37m

#334: Until the Heat Death of the Universe

Today Charles gives some detail on his recent email marketing efforts. We talk about the power of finding a marketing channel that works, juggling the rush of responses that resulted from the email advertisements,


 07 October 2019  33m

#333: Benedikt Deicke (part 2)

We’re joined again today by Benedikt Deicke of Last week we talked a lot about, so this week we wanted to talk about FemtoConf, the small conference that he hosts each year in Darmstadt, Germany.


 30 September 2019  22m