Release Notes

Release Notes is a weekly podcast about building online businesses and financial freedom. We discuss inspiration, design, marketing, promotion, business, trends, and tools – everything but the code. Each week, we cover topics for the new or curious independent developer looking to launch or grow online business. Whether your business is SaaS, desktop software, mobile apps, consulting, or a productized service, here you’ll find tips for success as well as warnings about the pitfalls we’ve encountered along the way. The show is hosted by Charles Perry, owner of RelaNet, and Joe Cieplinski, Creative Director of Bombing Brain Interactive.

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#335: I Want to Say, Corpse?

Today we take look back at Release Notes 2019, mere days after the event, and consider what went well, what could have gone better, and the overall experience of hosting a conference in Mexico. And no, we have no new products to announce at this time.



#334: Until the Heat Death of the Universe

Today Charles gives some detail on his recent email marketing efforts. We talk about the power of finding a marketing channel that works, juggling the rush of responses that resulted from the email advertisements,



#333: Benedikt Deicke (part 2)

We’re joined again today by Benedikt Deicke of Last week we talked a lot about, so this week we wanted to talk about FemtoConf, the small conference that he hosts each year in Darmstadt, Germany.



#332 – Benedikt Deicke

Today we’re joined by Benedikt Deicke of Benedikt talks to us about his new project, their big launch day when they were featured on ProductHunt, finding new customers, and what it’s like launching a new startup with two other ...



#331: Curtis Herbert (part 2)

We’re joined again today by Curtis Herbert, creator of Slopes. Today we talk about building an Android version of Slopes, and tracking finances year-over-year. Curtis offers his insight on how an indie developer trying to get started in 2019 could repr...


 16 September 2019  30m

#330: Curtis Herbert (part 1)

Today we’re joined by Curtis Herbert, creator of Slopes. We discuss some of the non-technical changes that Curtis has been experimenting with in his business. Curtis shares his experience with subscriptions, the addition of “family passes”,


 09 September 2019  29m

#329: Coffee, Tea, Caffeine Tracker, Inc.

Today we talk about Joe’s recent trip to the 360iDev conference in Denver. We talk about the interesting talks he saw and conversations he had while he was out there, quite a bit about App Store optimization,


 03 September 2019  31m

#328: Sorry, There Will Be No Features This Year

Today Charles talks to Joe about his roadmap for the rest of the year. We talk about Joe’s apps, the challenges of operating on an uncertain Apple-defined schedule, the features he wants to complete, and what he’s deferring for now.


 26 August 2019  41m

#327: I Like the Symmetry of Three Boxes

Today we start the first of two of our periodic “therapy sessions.” In this episode, we talk about some of Charles’ looming deadlines, and how he’s planning for them. We talk about Charles’ plan for the next few months, RelaNet’s feature roadmap,


 19 August 2019  29m

#326: The Top End of Merely Doing Okay

Today we tackle a topic that’s not so pleasant to think about: What would it take for us to give up and call it all quits. We discuss an insightful article from Tracy Osborn about “the dangerous lure of barely profitable bootstrapped businesses”,


 12 August 2019  45m