Real Atheology

Real Atheology is a conversational podcast focusing on contemporary philosophy of religion from an atheist perspective which features discussions, interviews, and debates for philosophy of religion nerds of all metaphysical stripes.

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RA006: Josh Parikh on Resistant Non-Belief

Oxford philosophy student Josh Parikh joins Justin Schieber to discuss Josh’s rejection of a key premise in Schellenberg’s Hiddenness Argument (previously discussed in RA004). The premise, which states that there do in fact exist...


 05 April 2017  52m

RA005: Debate: Schieber and Arndt on God and Suffering

If an all-powerful, all-knowing, and perfectly good God exists, how does one explain the existence, intensity, and distribution of moral and natural suffering in our world? In this episode, Justin Schieber and Christian theist Timothy Arndt square off...


 22 March 2017  1h3m

RA004: Debate: Schieber and Giunta on Divine Hiddenness

Ever since philosopher John Schellenberg published Divine Hiddenness and Human Reason in 1993, the argument from divine hiddenness has received an immense amount of attention from philosophers and laypersons. This episode features a lengthy...


 25 February 2017  1h3m

RA003: Debate: God and Finite Creatures

All creatures that exist in the actual world are finite creatures - that much is obvious. If God exists, he has created them. But should the fact of their finitude count against theism? Does theism lead us to expect to observe fundamentally different...


 11 February 2017  30m

RA002: Article: The Problem of Evil and Some Varieties of Atheism

After the apparent demise of a popular version of the logical problem of evil, philosopher William Rowe sought to resurrect the problem of evil in an inductive form. The result was his 1979 article titled The Problem of Evil and Some Varieties of...


 02 February 2017  28m

RA001: Born Again Atheology

In the first installment of the Real Atheology Podcast, we discuss our plans for the show as well as the benefits that the podcasting format has over Youtube with regard to the kinds of long-form philosophical discussion we're...


 30 January 2017  12m