Two friends map, filter and reduce streams of mostly development-related thoughts into audio form.

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episode 10: 10: Wash Your Hands

Conferences, conferences and more conferences, everybody is attending conferences. Beware of conference Crud. The state of computer vision in JavaScript. What is the definition of a junior engineer? Ember Guides are getting serious. Yargs is very piraty.


 24 September 2015  50m

episode 9: 9: Hulk Smash Internet

The Internet is mad. iPhone silliness. Sadly DailyJS and JSConf US are coming to an end. Raquel will be at Strange Loop next week. Kahlil got a PR merged into Gulp. Workflow stuff. npm orgs, search, shrinkwrap and more. Cilantro tastes like soap/awesome.


 17 September 2015  1h6m

episode 8: 8: People Are Just So Scared of SemVer

The 10-minute Apple event summary. Henning introduces Fido - the thing that fetches iTunes reviews. Node 4 is out! An explanation of what Semantic Versioning is. Kahlil provides an update on the Gittens project by the Reactivists. The podcast also has a r


 10 September 2015  1h6m

episode 7: 7: Disrupt Ads!

This week Etsy’s CTO wrote about building culture, and Brad Frost calls for "Death to Bullshit." The after-work conference NightlyBuild has a refreshing speaker lineup. Raquel explains how the book "The Design of Everyday Things" translates to our field.


 03 September 2015  1h6m

episode 6: 6: We Are a Mess of Giggles

Raquel had some CSS issues this week and crafted a very amusing tweet about it. Our Slack channel is slowly growing and is now probably the best place to get in touch with us. We also discuss the Ember Community versioning project and the 2.0 release of E


 27 August 2015  1h5m

episode 5: 5: I Don't Know if You Are a Regular Podlebrity Anymore

Kahlil declares Raquel a Podlebrity and explains what that means. We then discuss the pending deletion of Raquel's Wikipedia page and learn about Browserify and several of the related *ify modules such as Uglifyify. Henning confesses that he is not entire


 20 August 2015  1h0m

episode 4: 4: A Little Mouse Named Henning

Our team is complete again for this episode! Raquel, Kahlil and Henning discuss Google's announcement about Alphabet and speculate about what it all means. Raquel shares her enthusiasm about the screen sharing app Screenhero and how it compares to other s


 13 August 2015  57m

episode 3: 3: Ops is More Like Biology

Raquel and Henning tackle this weeks topics without Kahlil who had other stuff to take care of. They speculate about what Github might do with the giant wad of cash they got in their series B funding and talk about how developers could benefit from knowin


 07 August 2015  42m

episode 2: 2: Search is Like Inherently Impossible

Raquel is back and shares her experience at the Recurse Center, where she was a resident last week. We then discuss the difficulties of search in general and how this applies to npm's package search. Kahlil introduces Henning and Raquel to Observables and


 31 July 2015  1h5m

episode 1: 1: We Got a Vim User off of Vim

While Raquel is Hacker in Residence at the Recurse Center in NYC this week Kahlil and Henning do their best to record a late night Reactive episode and discuss a range of topics, such as Henning's apparent abandoning of vim 😱 and Jafar Husain's insane kno


 23 July 2015  34m