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Radio Skydive UK is a skydiving podcast for the UK and European scene.

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Ep58 Peter Georen from

• Peter Georen, the brains behind the indoor wingsuit tunnel headline interview. • Tom Noonen Thought for the Podcast • Steve Lefkowitz Ask The Expert about RookieFest • Brian announces RookieRumble at Langar in September • Front Cover by...


 29 May 2019  1h52m

John LeBlanc from Performance Designs

• John LeBlanc, VP of Performance Designs headline interview • Dave Curtin School of Hard Knocks • Ask The Expert How Best to Store a Rig with Tom Parker SunPath Chief Engineer and Mark Procos UPT General Manager • Front Cover by Mike...


 12 March 2019  2h34m

Ep56 - The BPA Skydive The Expo aftershow

Brian and Craig experiment with a portable recorder and set up studio in the foyer of the Expo hotel with... errr.... results. Brian leaves Craig hanging Craig has highlights from the Expo Craig is a grumpy old man and has lowlights Brian has...


 27 January 2019  26m

Ep 55 Dean Fisher XL Interview

Dean Fisher XL Interview Likely to be the only person in the world to have been an instructor for 50 consecutive years.  Why does he still jump? How does he land his Fury 220 in the circle on every jump even in high winds? Listener questions


 23 January 2019  1h56m

Annette O'Neil and Joel Strickland are Down for 50

Annette O’Neil and Joel Strickland Headline Interview Steve Lefkowitz Ask The Expert: 4way coaching online. The Rhythm 401 app. Front cover by John Gillet of Ollie Ellis and Matt Leonard doing some XRW. Back cover of the hirsute Martin...


 11 January 2019  3h37m

Ep53 The Last One from the Other North London Studio

• Last recording from the other North London studio. • Front Cover by Ewan Cowie of the 200way headdown large formation attempt • Back Cover by Roy Wimmer-Jaglom of an angle jump over Skydive Voss.  • Craig met the Bejay. Also known as...


 06 September 2018  1h54m

Ep52 - Arthur Amarra AON2 smart altimeter inventor

Arthur Amarra headline interview - AON2 smart altimeter inventor Ewan Cowie School of Hard Knocks Even Rokne Ask the Expert about Innhopps Paul Rimmington Front Cover of an impromptu 14way over Cark Michael Bellotti Back Cover of some dude not wearing...


 02 August 2018  2h44m

Ep51 - Ewan Cowie VFS Cameraflyer & Jetman Photographer

Rai starts before everyone (well, actually, just Brian) is ready. Ewan Cowie Headline Interview Front Cover by Mads Norrelund Olsen Back Cover by Charlie Wakeham of Simon Soper simulating a very very very low pull scenario. Book Club by Dean Fisher...


 11 July 2018  1h32m

Ep50 - Dean Fisher 50 years as an instructor

Also, some guy called Paul Mayer is selling a wind tunnel


 06 June 2018  3h33m

episode 49: Rickster Powell PD Canopy Test Pilot

Rickster Powell Headline Interview, PD Canopy Test Pilot Front Cover by Denis Zhuravkov of Chris Bohn sitting on Phil Sparrow’s canopy over Florida Skydiving Centre Back Cover by Chris Cook of Alan Foulkes-Williams not giving up on his rears despite...


 25 April 2018  2h26m