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Quadriga: The Rise of Populism - A Threat to Europe?

The Rise of Populism - A Threat to Europe? The far-right Front National emerged from last weekend’s regional elections as the strongest political force in France. Many are now asking: could party leader Marine Le Pen be the country’s next president? But France isn’t the only country in Europe where right-wing populists are gaining ground. And everywhere, fear is top of the populist agenda: fear of migrants, fear of Islamist terror...


 10 December 2015  26m

Quadriga: Germany goes to War - At what Price?

Members of the German military will soon be joining efforts to combat Islamic State. That at least is what Angela Merkel's government wants. After last month's terror attacks on Paris, the chancellor told the people of France that they had Germany's fullest possible backing. Now it's time to turn words into deeds. Germany is set to commit up to 1,200 troops and Tornado reconnaissance jets to an anti-IS alliance...


 04 December 2015  26m

Quadriga: War on terror - How to combat IS?

War on terror - How to combat IS? French President Francois Hollande is on a diplomatic mission: to the UK, US and Russia—seeking allies in a war against Islamic State. More air strikes than ever are being carried out against the IS but few believe that will be enough to defeat the jihadis. More and more are calling for Western ground troops to strike against the terrorists. The mission would be dangerous and difficult and there is no guarantee it would succeed...


 26 November 2015  26m

Quadriga: Terror in Paris - Is it war?

After the devastating attacks on the French capital, the country is in mourning – and united behind President Francois Hollande. He says France is now at war and has asked other European nations for military backing. France is stepping up its anti-terror measures, including a state of emergency set to last at least three months and raids across the country. The aim: to hunt down the militants behind the attacks...


 19 November 2015  26m

Quadriga: Refugee Chaos - "Mama Merkel‘s" downfall?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has won international kudos for her response to the refugee crisis. However, more and more members of her own party are calling for Germany’s asylum law to be made more restrictive. Interior minister Thomas de Maizière has sparked consternation in Germany with recent remarks favoring a tougher asylum law. His views contradict the chancellor’s avowed policies...


 12 November 2015  26m

Quadriga: Erdogan’s election victory - Mandate for an autocrat?

It was not exactly what the pollsters had predicted. A clear victory for Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose AK party won an absolute majority in parliament. The question is: Will the president now tighten still further his control over Turkish politics? The election was marred by violence and intimidation. For months now, the government has been cracking down on opposition activists and journalists. The peace process with the Kurds has been shattered...


 05 November 2015  26m

Quadriga: Refugee crisis - New walls for Europe?

The cold and the rain can’t hold them back. They’re still heading to Europe in their thousands - refugees from war and persecution. But Europe is beginning to close its borders. And the situation for the men, woman and children stranded in the Balkans is catastrophic. At a crisis meeting in Brussels, 13 EU states agreed on measures to try and return some order to the chaos. Patrols will be stepped up along the EU’s borders. Refugees will be registered in the country of arrival...


 29 October 2015  26m

Quadriga: Germany's refugee crisis - Has the mood turned ugly?

As Germany’s refugee crisis continues, politicians and helpers are coming under an increasing threat from the militant right. In Cologne last weekend, a women standing in the city’s mayoral election was badly wounded in a knife attack. Profiting from people’s fears, the anti-migrant Pegida movement is once again gaining in force. This week, Pegida has been marking the anniversary of its first march, one year ago...


 22 October 2015  26m

Quadriga: Terror in Turkey - Who is to blame?

A bomb attack on a peace demonstration in the Turkish capital Ankara killed almost a hundred people, and has worsened the country's political crisis. Elections planned for November 1st will be held amid growing claims that the governing AKP party of President Erdogan shares responsibility for stoking division and chaos. Is Turkey on the brink of civil war? Have your say: quadriga(at)dw...


 15 October 2015  26m

Quadriga: Refugee crisis - Germany overstreched?

The numbers continue to climb dramatically. First we heard that Germany would be taking in 400.000 refugees this year. Then that figure spiraled to 800,000. Now it's way over a million - and still rising. More and more people are calling for action to be taken to stem the influx of migrants. And worryingly for Angela Merkel, those calls are increasingly coming from within her own party ranks...


 08 October 2015  26m