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Brexit: The End of the Road for Johnson?

Showdown in the United Kingdom. PM Johnson versus parliament; deal versus no deal. The Brexit endgame has begun. Our guests: Friedrich Thelen (political adviser), Jon Worth (blogger), Alex Forrest Whiting (DW)


 05 September 2019  25m

Elections in Eastern Germany: Far right on the march?

Eastern Germans are going to the polls, and the country is asking itself: will the far-right populist AfD win? Will that make the states of Saxony and Brandenburg ungovernable? Guests: Valerie Höhne (Spiegel Online), Michaela Küfner (DW), Alan Posener (Die Welt)


 29 August 2019  26m

China’s Power Play: Hong Kong Betrayed?

Hundreds of thousands have protested in Hong Kong since June. Will Beijing do more than exert pressure and make threats to the demonstrators? What will the West do? Guests: Bernhard Bartsch (Bertelsmann Stiftung), Cherie Chan (DW), Hao Gui (DW)


 22 August 2019  26m

Kashmir crisis – New Era or Power Grab?

India's government has abolished Kashmir's special autonomous status, prompting a furious response from the region's Muslim majority. Tensions are running high and there has been talk of war. Guests: Isha Bathia (DW), Christian Wagner (German Institute for International and Security Affairs), Shahzeb Jillani (DW)


 15 August 2019  26m

Iran Crisis: Europe on the Sidelines?

The tense standoff between Iran and the US in the Persian Gulf continues. Will Europe be the big loser in the power struggle in the Strait of Hormuz? Our guests: Ali Fatholla-Nejad (Brookings Institution), Alan Posener (Die Welt), Ulrike Herrmann (taz)


 09 August 2019  26m

EU top jobs: Haggling instead of inspiration?

The EU's citizens voted. But it was the heads of member states that nominated the leadership positions. Are they the best choice for the challenges facing Europe? Guests: Tom Nuttall (Economist), Milan Nic (DGAP), Emmanuelle Chaze (DW)


 11 July 2019  26m

Trapped Refugees: Rescue Forbidden?

Is she a hero or a criminal? The German Sea-Watch 3 skipper Carola Rackete saved dozens of migrants from the Mediterranean. Italy’s far-right Interior Minister Matteo Salvini wants her in jail. Our guests: Ana Maria Alvarez (Migration Hub), Sulin Sardoschau (migration expert), Malte Lehming (Tagesspiegel)


 04 July 2019  26m

Turkey: Is Erdogan Losing His Grip?

Turkish president Erdogan and his AK party are the big losers of Istanbul’s mayoral election. Will the opposition candidate’s victory be a turning point for the whole of Turkey? Our guests: Cagri Özdemir (DW), Laura Lale Kabis (DGAP), Alan Posener (Die Welt)


 27 June 2019  26m

Hong Kong versus Beijing: Power-grab Postponed?

A million people joined demonstrations in Hong Kong against the growing influence of Beijing. They are concerned the territory's special status and limited freedoms will be eroded. Who will win this power-struggle? Our guests: Ray Wong (Activist), Cherie Chan (DW), Andreas Kluth (Author and journalist)


 20 June 2019  26m

The Greens: Germany's New Number One?

Polls say Germany’s Greens have ousted Angela Merkel’s conservative Christian democrats as the country’s most popular party. Could Germany’s next chancellor even be a Green? Our guests: Wolfgang Merkel (Political scientist), Ursula Weidenfeld (Freelance journalist), Maximiliane Koschyk (DW).


 13 June 2019  26m