Python Bytes

Python Bytes is a weekly podcast hosted by Michael Kennedy and Brian Okken. The show is a short discussion on the headlines and noteworthy news in the Python, developer, and data science space.

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episode 160: Your JSON shall be streamed

Sponsored by DigitalOcean: #1:Type Hints for Busy Python Programmers

  • Al Sweigart, @AlSweigart
  • We’ve (Michael and myself, of course) convinced you that type hints might be a good thing to help reduce bugs or confusion or whatever. Now what?
  • Al’s got your back with this no nonsense guide to get you going very quickly.
  • Written as a conversation between a programmer and an type hint expert. Super short. Super helpful...



episode 159: Brian's PR is merged, the src will flow

Sponsored by DigitalOcean: pythonbytes...



episode 158: There's a bounty on your open-source bugs!

This episode is sponsored by DigitalOcean - already replaced Excel in banking

  • “If you wanted to prove your mettle as an entry-level banker or trader it used to be the case that you had to know all about financial modeling in Excel. Not any more. These days it's all about Python, especially on the trading floor...



episode 157: Oh hai Pandas, hold my hand?

This episode is sponsored by DigitalOcean: #1:pydantic

  • via Colin Sullivan
  • Data validation and settings management using python type annotations.
  • (We covered Cerberus, this is similar)
  • pydantic enforces type hints at runtime, and provides user friendly errors when data is invalid.
class User(pydantic...



episode 156: All the programming LOLs

Sponsored by DigitalOcean: guests:

  • Dan Bader
  • Cecil Philip
Dan #1: Why You Should Usepython -m pip
Cecil #2:Visual Studio Online: Web-Based IDE & Collaborative Code Editor



episode 155: Guido van Rossum retires

Sponsored by Datadog: #1:Guido retires

  • Guido van Rossum has left DropBox and retired (post)
  • Let’s all take a moment to say thank you.
  • I wonder what will come next in terms of creative projects
  • Some comments from community members (see Twitter thread)
Brian #2:SeleniumBase
  • Automated UI Testing with Selenium WebDriver and pytest.
  • Very expressive and intuitive automation library built on top of Selenium WebDriver...


 06 November 2019  32m

episode 154: Code, frozen in carbon, on display for all

Sponsored by Datadog: #1:Lesser Known Coding Fonts

  • Interesting examination of some coding fonts.
  • Link to a great talk called Cracking the Code, by Jonathan David Ross, about coding fonts and Input.
I’m trying out Input Mono right now, and quite like it.
  • Fira code:
Bob #2:Django Admin Handbook
  • As a Django developer knowing the admin is pretty important...


 29 October 2019  32m

episode 153: Auto format my Python please!

Sponsored by DigitalOcean: #1: Building a Python C Extension Module

  • Tutorial, learn to use the Python API to write Python C extension modules...


 23 October 2019  26m

episode 152: You have 35 million lines of Python 2, now what?

Sponsored by DigitalOcean: #1:JPMorgan’s Athena Has 35 Million Lines of Python 2 Code, and Won’t Be Updated to Python 3 in Time

  • With 35 million lines of Python code, the Athena trading platform is at the core of JPMorgan's business operations. A late start to migrating to Python 3 could create a security risk...


 15 October 2019  26m

episode 151: Certified! It works on my machine

Sponsored by DigitalOcean: #1:Python alternative to Docker

  • Matt Layman
  • Using Shiv, from LinkedIn
    • Mentioned briefly in episode 114
    • Shiv uses zipapp, PEP 441.
    • Execute code directly from a zip file.
    • App code and dependencies can be bundled together.
    • “Having one artifact eliminates the possibility of a bad interaction getting to your production system...


 10 October 2019  25m