With sound-rich radio packages, interviews, and studio discussions, Pulse digs deep into the issues facing today's youth, from unemployment and career choice to social media and relationships. We top it off with a couple of fun hosts and plenty of music, including live bands in the studio and reviews of the German charts. The Generation Change podcast series, featuring young people making a difference all over the world, is a regular highlight on Pulse.


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Pulse - taking the pulse of youth culture

Twenty jam-packed minutes of fun, mind-stimulating information and music: Each week, Pulse brings you the latest in youth culture from around the world.


 01 November 2017  19m

Pulse: Go-go music - African origin funk music lives on in Washington DC

Popular Go-go funk music remains alive in Washington DC as one band prepares to take their music back to its origins in Africa.


 01 November 2017  3m

Pulse: Inclusive dance Uganda - disability is not inability

Disability is not inability; we meet a Ugandan based British woman who is helping inspire disabled persons through music and dance.


 01 November 2017  7m

Pulse: Awareness creation and innovation

On this week's Pulse, we meet a young German based Ghanaian actress touring the world addressing social issues facing Europe and Africa, a young student at Makerere University in Uganda is making a positive impact in his community using a mobile app and we take a look at youth unemployment in Liberia. All this, right here on Pulse. Take a listen.


 24 October 2017  19m

Pulse: German based Ghanaian theater performer tours the world.

Gifty Wiafe is in Ghana, doing a theater performance as part of her world tour dubbed “It’s in the Blood”. She is addressing issues facing contemporary Germany and Ghana as well as other parts of the world.


 24 October 2017  5m

Pulse: AgroDuuka app - connecting farmers to customers

23 year old Bazil Mwota, a Makerere University student, is making a positive impact on his community through the agroduuka app. This app will be an avenue to connect buyers to producers without the need for third parties.


 24 October 2017  7m

Pulse: Ghanaian Chef in London makes African food trendy

It’s official, African food is one of the hottest new food trends in London at the moment. Thanks to young cooks like Zoe Adjonyoh whose father is Ghanaian and mother is Irish. Zoe runs a restaurant in Brixton and has just published a cookbook, entitled Zoe's Ghana kitchen. Emma Wallis caught up with her at a trendy café in east London’s hipster central.


 18 October 2017  7m

Pulse: Refugees, African cuisine, Aftermath

What does the future hold for young South Sudanese refugees in Uganda? A young Ghanian-Irish cook brings African Cuisine to London and her customers cannot get enough of it and the Queen of everything Beyonce goes bilingual on a new remix of Mi-Gente, the global hit single by J Balvin and Willy William. All that and much more in this weeks edition of pulse with your host Jane Nyingi


 17 October 2017  20m

Pulse: Youth and Lifestyle

On this week's Pulse we’ll look at some of the consequences of online hacking in Uganda, what the youth in Liberia hope for in the country's presidential elections and a summit in London is scheduled to address the issue of menstruation particularly in low income families in the UK.


 10 October 2017  19m

Pulse: Period campaigner in London

"Period poverty" not only affects girls and women in developing countries but also those in the UK. It is when a woman doesn't have enough money to afford adequate sanitary protection for her monthly period. Campaigners in the UK are gearing up for a period summit on the 14th October where they aim to push the issue in to the open. One of those campaigners is a 17 year old schoolgirl from London.


 10 October 2017  6m