With sound-rich radio packages, interviews, and studio discussions, Pulse digs deep into the issues facing today's youth, from unemployment and career choice to social media and relationships. We top it off with a couple of fun hosts and plenty of music, including live bands in the studio and reviews of the German charts. The Generation Change podcast series, featuring young people making a difference all over the world, is a regular highlight on Pulse.


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Pulse:Are many of Africa’s problems due to bad governance?

Many of Africa’s problems are associated with bad governance. But one organisation, Clean Africa is trying to bring a change. For the past few years, its been organizing debates on Good Governance in various universities here in Germany so that the participants can get a clear picture of the continent. Jane Ayeko, who volunteers for the organisation, with the details from Stuttgart.


 28 November 2017  5m

Pulse: Believe in yourself

On Pulse this week, we meet Sarah Letio from Uganda also known as the queen of shea butter, young men and women in northern Ghana venture into modelling despite it being regarded as taboo and some of the reactions on social media after Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe steps down.


 22 November 2017  19m

Pulse: Uganda's Shea Butter Queen

Due to high unemployment among young people in Uganda, 27 year old Sandra Letio has lived by the old English adage of when the going gets tough the tough get going. After continuous frustrations and stress because she failed to get a job, Sandra decided to set up her own business, manufacturing Shea butter products, and thus create her own employment opportunity.


 21 November 2017  6m

Pulse: Ghana wannabe models in the north

In Ghana the fashion industry is growing, and more and more models from the north of the country are trying to break into the business. The community there is predominantly Muslim and so choosing to be a model is regarded as taboo. But because of the promise of money and stardom, it's not holding the young people back.


 21 November 2017  6m

Pulse: Youth rise to fight global challenges

In Pulse this week, Uganda urges its youth to go back to the earth and embrace agriculture. African youth at the climate conference COP23 in Bonn fight for climate action. And Germany's Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy hosts a kind of speed dating for African start-ups. All that right here on Pulse with host Eunice Wanjiru.


 14 November 2017  20m

Pulse: Speed dating for African start-ups

Many young Africans have lots of creativity, zeal and great business ideas. Germany on the other hand has lots of money. So Germany's Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy decided to bring both sides together. The ministry hosted the first Start-up-Night! Africa. A kind of speed dating for businesses.


 14 November 2017  4m

Pulse: Let's talk about sex

We take a look at the taboo topic of sex. Get on the phone to a sex education hotline. Try to debunk some of the myths surrounding menstruation. And…'too posh to push’ - we find out why women in Uganda are opting for caesarean deliveries when their babies are born. All that and more with host Jessie Wingard.


 08 November 2017  19m

Ring, ring: Sex education call center in Senegal

In Senegal, sex remains a largely taboo subject – but it’s now possible to get accurate medical advice, anonymously and without judgment over the phone. Callers can get informed answers to questions about contraception, sexuality, pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases from experienced midwives at a newly opened specialized call centre.


 08 November 2017  6m

Pulse: Go-go music and inclusive dancing

On this week's pulse, we take a look at the aftermath of Kenya’s election re-run after opposition leader Raila Odinga called it a sham, disability is not inability as we meet a British woman based in Uganda who is helping inspire disabled persons through music and dance and Go-go funk music lives on. Do stay tuned.


 01 November 2017  19m

Pulse: Kenya elections re-run - opposition leader Raila Odinga calls it a sham

DW's Chrispin Mwakideu takes a look at the aftermath of Kenya’s election re-run after opposition leader Raila Odinga refuses to recognise President Uhuru Kenyatta as winner.


 01 November 2017  4m