Private Suite Podcast

The podcast for anything and everything vaporwave! Companion podcast to Private Suite Magazine, the community driven vaporwave publication. Join Rich, Uriel and Indy as they discuss new music, news, and other random things that may or may not have anything to do with vaporwave.

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episode 60: Aloe City Records: Private Suite Exclusive Interview

Chris from Aloe City Records joins us on the show! Come chill with us on a deep dive into the behind-the-scenes of the label, including the story of the re-birth of label, the intricacies of running a label, the logistics of shipping worldwide, and skateboarding ✌️
Aloe City RecordsTwitter: https://aloecityrecords.bandcamp...



episode 59: VHS Label Logistics with Mike from Basement Labs

This week Mike from Basement Labs joins Rich, Indy, and Augnos in the Suite to talk about their label, Basement Labs, and everything that goes into running a VHS label. Broadcasting equipment, codecs, obsolete technology and more are all topics of discussion in this vintage-tech-filled episode. Mike also details his set from ElectroniCON in Brooklyn where he mixed visuals for Nmesh's set in real time during the performance.Basement LabsInstagram: https://instagram...



episode 58: 58. Enzo from My Pet Flamingo: Private Suite Exclusive Interview

Enzo from My Pet Flamingo joins Indy and Rich in the Suite for an exclusive interview. Coming off a big week of releases, Enzo is here to talk about their relationship with vaporwave and how he and his brother got started as a label. Other topics include Cassette Store Day, unique physical media, how decisions are made on what to release, and the mind-numbing task of dealing with shipping media around the world.My Pet FlamingoTwitter https://twitter...



episode 57: 57. Alyx, Pacific Plaza Records, Trucks Passing Trucks: Private Suite Exclusive Interview

It's Private Suite baby! Dear friend of ours, Alyx from Pacific Plaza Records, joins us on the show today! This episode touches on some really neat stuff going on and upcoming in the scene! We talk about grassroots music scenes, running concert venues and art galleries, full details about the upcoming Tape Swap & Chill event the day before ElectroniCON 2, exclusive premieres for some of his upcoming tracks, and more!!Pacific Plaza RecordsTwitter https://twitter...



56. Hangin' with PowerPCME and the PSM Podcast Team

Today we're kicking back in the suite with PowerPCME, Rich, Indy, and the podcasts new audio team member, Augnos! Join us for vapory conversations about some vaporwave news, portable music players and burning CDs for your friends back in the day, AI created music, automation and killer robots, flamethrower drones, Tape Swap and ElectroniCON 2 prep, and more!



55. Zadig the Jasp: Private Suite Exclusive Interview

Welcome to the suite! Today we have Zadig the Jasp joining us on the show, and boy are we excited! Join us for conversations about his journey through music and discovery of vaporwave, his production process and how he's perfected his various sound over the years, his cassette runs, and what inspires him to create. We also dive into the joys of retro gaming, his favorite albums, and his upcoming plans. Let's get this man some apple sauce!



54. 猫 シ Corp.: Private Suite Exclusive Interview

We are honored to have 猫 シ Corp. with us in the Private Suite studio today. Please join us for some absolutely brilliant vaporwave stories, the theory behind Cat Corp, the email that started a 6 year journey to Hiraeth records, a playlist of his favorites, lego & star wars, strategy games, a sneak peak into his live performance at ElectroniCON 2, and more!



53. Grape Juice on the Carpet featuring Olives

Rich, Indy, Uriel, and Mattt are in the suite to talk about a variety of vaporwave topics, including recent physical releases from Saint Pepsi and Haircuts for Men, various aesthetic videos, as well as answer a couple of voicemails.



52. The 90’s Vaporwave Grocery Experience and Future Funk Monthly

New intro song in the houuuse! Rich is back in the suite! And Future Funk Monthly joins us for a deep dive into what he does with the FFM project, the 3-day long future funk festival in Toronto this coming Febuary, city pop, and more! We also discuss the satire blog post on talturtle about the 90s vaporwave grocery experience, feature artists like Dan Mason, and 식료품groceries,. Massive shout out the Mere and s h e e p for their help pulling together the new theme song with Indy.


 16 September 2019  1h12m

51. 3DBLAST: Private Suite Exclusive Interview

Grab your Sega, 3DBLAST is in the house! Join us for some hilarious vaporwave stories and conversations where we discuss back stage at ElectroniCON, his production and sample process, what makes video games great, how to approach the scene with your music as a new artist, coining the term tumblewave, and much more.


 12 September 2019  4h16m