PodKit is a show about Apple inclined Web Developers discussing interesting technology and development related topics, with hosts Brian Mitchell, Brandon Johnson and Ryan Rampersad.


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PodKit #53: Cache the Whole Farm

New 16" MacBook Pro, The Pragmatic Programmer, React Conf 2019, and Redux Style Guide!



PodKit #52: Untitled PodKit Game

This episode is about as standard as it gets, new Apple hardware, new React news and updates, and Twitter Followees!


 02 October 2019  36m

PodKit #51: But If You Invest Now

Self-Follow-Up, React Rally, Apple Rumors, and lots of people to follow on Twitter!


 03 September 2019  55m

PodKit #50: Be Kind, Rewind

For completely unrelated reasons, Brian and Brandon share a microphone and are joined by Ryan for the 50th episode of PodKit. React, react-native, a new npm package, and node.js on Windows.


 31 July 2019  46m

PodKit #49: Dark is Eternal

Open Source North, TypeScript 3.5, Dark Themes in the web, MacBook Pro Refresh, and WWDC19!


 29 May 2019  58m

PodKit #48: I’m More Punk Than You

The PodKitters talk about Minnebar, React Hooks (big surprise), design systems, ServerlessMN, Overcast's clip sharing, Apple rumors, and more!


 30 April 2019  59m

PodKit #47: Moved Fast and Broke Things

The Podkitters discuss Apple updates, Google Stadia, and new Twitter Followees!


 27 March 2019  54m

PodKit #46: Triclops

Brian talks about his experience writing a custom React Hook, Ryan talks TypeScript and a quick trip, and the trio discusses rumors of new Macs coming later this year.


 22 February 2019  1h4m

PodKit #45: Gridability

The PodKitters discuss CSS Grid, React design systems, work life balance, and how about that fresh new Slack logo?


 28 January 2019  57m

PodKit #44: Maintainer Did Advocate

On this episode, the PodKitters discuss Dan Abramov's response to our last episode, his new blog, more on React Hooks, Expo, talks, and new Twitter Followees.


 07 January 2019  1h4m