Hypnagogue Podcast

Every two weeks the Hypnagogue Podcast offers 90 minutes of the best ambient, electronic, New Age, and contemporary instrumental music, from downtempo to upbeat and beyond.


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h33m. Bisher sind 128 Folge(n) erschienen. Dieser Podcast erscheint jede zweite Woche


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Episode 287

From trances to multiverses to woodlands to brainstorms, this one’s got it all. In the middle, we drop into 30 minutes from LAD–and I’ll tell you why that’s unusual. Download Start      Steve Roach, Firebreather, Trance Archaeology



Episode 286

I make it a habit to keep track of tracks that give an “ooh” moment, either while I’m shuffling the Newish queue or when the library is picking out the music in the office. And sometimes, I refer back to those tracks I’ve tracked a



Episode 285

Sometimes we can get a little weird around here. But it doesn’t last, because there are so many worlds of sound to go play in… Download Start      Haq, Evaporator, Evaporator 4.45       Kronos Quartet, Planet Elf Sindoori, Sun Rings (comp. Ter



Episode 284

No stops on this one. We’ll kick off in acoustic, New Age territory, spin up through space for a bit, and end in a misty haze somewhere far, far from here. Download Start      Fiona Joy Hawkins & Rebecca Daniel, Lake Of Contemplation, The Lightn


 24 October 2019  n/a

Episode 283

Let’s go spend some time in the library. I’ll pull together a nice flow for you from the stacks. In the middle, we float for 30 with Off Land. Enjoy. Download Start      A Produce & Loren Nerell, Area 51.1, Intangible 7.29       Radium 88,


 10 October 2019  n/a

Episode 282

Could I cut into a flow this deep? No, I could. All from the Newish queue, though we do go back into it little ways… Call them pre-library tracks. Enjoy. Download Start      Tambour, Ursa Minor (Caroline’s Theme), Constellations (ou Comment Ar


 03 October 2019  n/a

Episode 281

It’s time to set the controls to shuffle and see what happens. We’ll take a half-hour break to get wrapped in sounds from Peter James. Then we spin the wheel for a couple more cuts. Download Start      Chris Heron, Clockwork, Sanctuary 2.12   


 26 September 2019  n/a

Episode 280

We’ll start with the show’s 3500th track and bump our way through some funky turbulence for a while. (Chair dancing is highly encouraged.) Then we’ll shut down the beats a bit and get our drift on. Enjoy. Download Start      Andrew M Edw


 19 September 2019  n/a

Episode 279

Settle in for a house concert in the comfort of your own home. Or car. Or something like that. A quiet start and a rather New Age sort of finish, and in between, making a return to the Spotlight, it’s a personal favorite: Igneous Flame. Download Sta


 12 September 2019  n/a

Episode 278

Hang on, Hypna-fans…this one takes a turn toward the shadowy side in the first half. But stick around and we’ll lighten it up a little before we’re done. Plus: the sounds of Luna (the dog). Download Start      Nathan Moody, Sonnenaufgang


 29 August 2019  n/a